Homemade Granola

Recipe submitted by: Tara Dunsmore

Recipe courtesy of: Blissfully Domestic

yummy homemade granola with only 8 ingredients!
cook 5 min
cook 10-30 min
cook 6-8

What's in it


3 c. oats
½ c. sunflower seeds
½ c. nuts
½ c. coconut*
¼ c. oil (melted coconut oil or butter works great)
¼ c. honey
1/6 c. water
1 tsp. vanilla
*Try to find unsweetened coconut if you can.

Other add-ins, before or after baking:
ground flax
wheat germ
sesame seeds
dried fruit (after baking)

How to cook it


  • Mix dry ingredients (Oats, Sunflower Seeds, nuts and coconut) in bowl.
  • Mix wet ingredients (oil, honey, water, vanilla) in bowl.
  • Combine wet and dry ingredients. Pour into 9×13 pan or a cookie sheet.
  • Toast in a 350 degree oven. Stir after 10 minutes, then more frequently until browned (every 5). Store in an airtight container.
  • tip: You’ll learn the finesse of turning the granola without getting it all over out of the pan. Stir from the outside in, down and then up in the center. If you use cookie sheet(s), watch it very closely. Better to err on the side of not brown enough than too brown, which happens quickly at the end!