Holy Moly Dip

Recipe submitted by: Amy Pickett

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Can be made as a dip, or a condiment for burgers and brats!
cook 10

What's in it


1 8oz block of cream cheese
12 oz jar of your favorite pickles, drained (I chose dill)
1 2.25oz jar of dried beef (found by the tuna/canned meat)

How to cook it


  • In a food processor, chop beef. Add the pickles and chop. After the beef and pickles are chopped, process in the cream cheese. If you do not have a food processor, chop up the pickles and beef with a knife and stir into softened cream cheese.
  • This dip is best served after being in the refrigerator at least an hour or overnight, so all the flavors and meld together! Serve with ritz crackers!