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Candied Apple Skewers - Tots2Tweens Candied Apple Skewers - Tots2Tweens


Candied Apple Skewers

Recipe submitted by: Amy Pickett

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Candied Apple Skewers have all of the components of whole candied apple only so much easier to eat.
cook Makes about 8 apple skewers.

What's in it


1 large unpeeled apple (cored, quartered and cut into 24 chunks)
4 oz. chocolate of choice
half of a lemon
1 cup water
Candied sprinkles or any topping of choice
8 lollipop sticks
1 wooden skewer
Something to stand the apple skewers on (Styrofoam block, or any base that you can poke holes into)

How to cook it


  • Note: To make a larger quantity, adjust the chocolate amount according to the number of apples used, 8 oz. chocolate for 2 apples, 12 oz. chocolate for three apples, and so on.
  • Place water in a small bowl. Squeeze in the juice of half a lemon. Place cut apples into a bowl of lemon water and allow to sit for a minute. Remove apples and dry with a paper towels.
  • Poke holes through the center of each apple chunk using the wooden skewer (this will allow the lollipop sticks to be inserted easily without splitting the chunks). Insert three apple chunks on each lollipop stick. Set aside.
  • Place chocolate in a small microwaveable bowl and microwave on high for 30 seconds. Stir smooth. If still lumpy after stirring, microwave at 15 seconds intervals until completely melted.
  • Use a fork or knife to drizzle chocolate onto apples. Shake on candied sprinkles. Stand apple skewers on a base and refrigerate for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, apples can be transferred onto a parchment lined plate. Keep refrigerated. Makes about 8 apple skewers.