Marketing Material Inserts

Love the ideas of our events and think it’s AWESOME that so many people attend – but can’t get it together to staff during the date or time?

How about this? Insert your custom brochure, flyer, postcard or other item into the bags that we hand out to the first 500 parents in attendance.

We’ve been handing out these bags for close to 10 years and there is ALWAYS a line to get them.

Check out some of these videos of our events and you can see the line:

See full event listing with dates and times here BEFORE you purchase. (No refunds on booth spaces purchased.)

Normally, it’s $150 for us to insert and distribute your 500 materials – but act now and you pay only $99.

NOTE: Deadlines to receive marketing materials.
Deadline for Back2School events is August 1st
Deadline for MallOWeen events is October 10th

If we don’t receive your marketing materials by the deadline, they may not be distributed in the bags.

Please send materials to:
10 North Jefferson Street, Suite 100
Frederick, MD 21701

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