Family Friendly Restaurants Frederick County

Find Family Friendly Restaurants in Frederick County

Need help finding some family-friendly restaurants in and around Frederick County? We get it! One of the most repeated questions a parent gets asked is “What’s for dinner?” And, let’s face it, some days we just don’t have it together enough to have planned out the evening’s menu. So that means finding a restaurant that is convenient and family friendly.  Obviously, you have to consider places that have the foods that you (and the kids) like – that could be half the battle.

Here are some of our favorites:

  1.  Buffalo Wild Wings – there are over 14 locations in and around Maryland – so there will hopefully be a restaurant near you. Why we love it? First of all, there are TV’s everywhere. This means that invariably there will be something on your kids will like. And if you go on a Wednesday night, you can guarantee it – since they show cartoons on the big screens! (Plus, kids’ meals are super affordable!) Then, there’s the trivia games. Ask your host/hostess for a game console and let the kids have a ball answering questions (or there’s an app you can download on your phone). Finally, it’s loud – we like that because, well, sometimes kids are loud. And at this restaurant you won’t be told “SHHHHHH!”
  2.  Chick-Fil-A – one word. Play Place. OK, that was two words, but you get what we’re saying. Perfect for enjoying your meal while the kids run, play, laugh and yell without disrupting any guests. Plus the food is awesome.
  3. Dairy Queen – yep, we said it. I mean, ICE CREAM (and food too).
  4. Chili’s – good food and a gaming console. Plus, with that console, you can request your server, pay for your food and everything. Prices are reasonable as well (which is a plus).
  5. Texas Roadhouse – *NOTE: not the place for you if you (or your child) have peanut allergies. But if you don’t, then head here. Again, great food and lots going on which tends to keep the kids entertained.
  6. IHOP – tons of convenient locations – good food and usually pretty quick (though avoid special holidays).
  7. Mountain Gate Family Restaurant – located off Route 15 heading north toward Thurmont this 30 year old restaurant has been a tradition for many Frederick area families.  Fondly known for their “home-style” food they feature dinners like: Roast Turkey, Baked Ham, Hamburger Steak and more. To get all that and more check out their delicious Buffet. Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner.