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Pomegranate Sugar Cookies

Fruit filled holiday sugar cookies

cook 10
cook 10-12
cook 24 cookies

Vanilla Cardamom Pancakes

Easy and delicious twist on pancakes

cook 10 min
cook 20-25 min
cook 12 pancakes

Homemade Gravy

Homemade 10 minute gravy

cook 5 min
cook 5 min
cook 2 cups

Mom’s Amazing Meatballs

An easy and very tasty meatball to eat alone or in your sauce.

cook 20 minutes
cook 20 minutes
cook 8

Steve’s Favorite Meat Loaf

A quick and easy recipe...the kids will even love this one!

cook 5 minutes
cook 1 hour
cook 6

Steve’s Stuffed Green Peppers

They're miraculous...Mom craves 'em and Steve makes 'em!

cook 20 minutes
cook 30 minutes
cook 4-6

Tutu’s Crab Cakes

Steve's Step-Mother's recipe...a huge hit!

cook 10 crab cakes

Steve’s Chili

It's better with the 80/20 beef!

cook 10 minutes
cook 1 hour
cook 8

Aunt Ruth’s Chili Dip

One of Steve's favorites.

cook 15 minutes
cook 20 minutes
cook 8-10