Banner Special – Summer

It only takes a few seconds to get someone attention, and with the right message they’ll even click over to your own website. That’s what our display banners can do as they reach thousands of visitors to our site each month.

Our banner ads are displayed on every page of the website. So these are great if you’d like to reach the largest audience.

Here’s what you’ll get:

♦ 728 x 90 – 6 weeks
♦ 300×250 – 8 weeks
♦ 180×150 – 12 weeks
♦ 125×125 – 20 weeks

A value of $775 for just $299!

There are 5 sections for our banners:

The banners on the right are our 300×250 sized medium rectangles.
These two banners in the middle of our page are the 728×90 leaderboard banners.
These two on the left are more of our 300×250 medium rectangle banners.
These two buttons on the left are our 125×125 sized banners.
These 5 positions along the bottom of each page are our 180×150 banners.



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