About Tots2Tweens.com


Dani Gurrie, Founder of Woman Owned Small Business in operation for 10 + years

Tots2Tweens is one of the fastest growing resources for parents – we have everything a parent would need for their child from searching for Birthday Party Venues to Summer Camps to Local Sports to Fun things to do as a family and more (we have over 20 categories and about 50 sub-categories!). 


  1. The website spans across all of Maryland, DC, Virginia, southern Pennsylvania and eastern West Virginia.
  2. Tots2Tweens Office Location: 10 North Jefferson Street, Suite 100, Frederick, MD 21701

The website is operational 24/7/365 and gets 100,000 hits a month as well as 19,000 people across our social media sphere.

 Tots2Tweens.com connects businesses, schools, and organizations with more people. Tots2Tweens.com continually strives to ensure every parent in Maryland, DC, Virginia, southern Pennsylvania and eastern West Virginia knows about Tots2Tweens.com and we’re constantly marketing our directory in highly targeted areas.


Tots2Tween.com was founded as a women owned small business in 2008 by Dani Gurrie. Tots2Tweens.com is the fastest growing free online directory for parents of children (birth to 14 years) in Maryland, DC, Virginia, southern Pennsylvania and the eastern panhandle of West Virginia! Tots2Tweens provides parents the information they want, plus the community that many crave. Tots2Tweens.com also develops customized strategies for businesses, schools, camps, and organizations that work with and focus on younger children.  Dani Gurrie was also co-founder of Australia’s leading parenting directory Kidspot (www.kidspot.com.au). When she moved back to Maryland (her home state), she quickly did some research and realized that there was no comprehensive directory for parents.