50+ U.S. Made Toys for Children

Finding American Made toys and gifts that aren’t made overseas can be tricky, so we’ve done some of the legwork for you. Check out this list of super-fun toys that are proudly made in the USA. Not only will you have the satisfaction of knowing you’re supporting the U.S. economy — you’ll also appreciate that the toys are more likely to meet and exceed product safety standards and be much more “green” in some cases, too.

  1. Patriot Tricycle by Dirt King

Your youngster will love to show off his American spirit on this sturdy red, white, and blue trike! It’s hand-welded by American workers from heavy duty 14- and 16-guage steel. Dirt King also offers tricycles in six solid colors, including the original red, which debuted in 1985. All of their products, including their wagons, are made in the USA. Recommended age: 3 years and up

  1. Stuffed Bear by Stuffington Bear Factory

Phoenix-based Stuffington Bear Factory has been making teddy bears and stuffed animals from American-made materials since 1959. Choose from their line of bears, bunnies, monkeys, and more. Vermont Teddy Bear Company is another great source of quality, USA-made stuffed bears (and cute clothes for them!). Recommended age: all ages

  1. Stacking Toy Ring by Holgate Toys

Holgate introduced the classic design of this colorful stacker in 1938, and it’s still a favorite today. Your baby will love the vibrant rings and the “clack” sound of stacking them. Holgate Toys have all been made in the USA since 1789 — wow! They also make classic wooden pull toys, building blocks, and personalized stools for kids.  Recommended age: 1 year and up

  1. Wooden Blocks by Uncle Goose

Every tot needs a set of sturdy wooden blocks! American-made ones with child-safe, non-toxic ink are ideal for your teething toddler. Uncle Goose also produces blocks in several other languages, if you’d like to teach your child French or Chinese. Recommended age: 2 to 6 years

  1. Dish Set by Green Toys

American toys that are green to boot? A mom’s dream come true! Green Toys makes all their toys from recycled materials. This play dish set is made from 100-percent recycled milk jugs! Their tugboat bath toy is really fun, too. Recommended age: 2 years and up

  1. Play Kitchen by Little Colorado

Put those toy dishes to good use in an American-made play kitchen for your preschooler. The unfinished knotty-pine kitchen features a removable stainless steel sink and knobs that turn. Paint it with a non-toxic hue of your choice! Established in 1987, Little Colorado also produces wooden refrigerators, doll cradles, playhouses, and more. Recommended age: 2 years and up

  1. Tic Tac Truck by Montgomery Schoolhouse (scroll down for the Tick Tac Truck)

Toys that do double duty rock! This is a truck and a tic-tac-toe game in one, and it’s handcrafted in Vermont from hardwood maple and non-toxic paints and finishes. Montgomery Schoolhouse is also known for their line of non-toxic, all-natural wooden rattles for babies. Recommended age: 3 years and up

  1. NameTrain Set by Maple Landmark

Is your little engineer tough on his trains? New England maple should stand up to those collisions. Build on this basic set with Maple Landmark’s NameTrain line of connectable trains in fun shapes like letters and animals. Recommended age: 3 years and up

  1. Log Cabin by Roy Toy

This log cabin construction toy just screams Americana. The 140+ all-wood (no plastic) pieces get their traditional brown, red, and green colors from food-grade dyes that are safe for kids. The pieces come in a canister for easy cleanup — and a touch of nostalgia. Children have enjoyed Roy Toy’s American-made toys since the 1930s. Recommended age: 3 years and up

  1. Foam Balls by Poof-Slinky

Your child will have a ball — without breaking a thing in your living room — with Poof’s four-pack of squishy foam sports balls made in the USA. Made by the manufacturers of the Slinky, they’re guaranteed to be fun. Recommended age: 5 years and up

  1. The Original Slinky by Poof-Slinky

Speaking of Slinky… More than 300 million Slinkys have been sold worldwide since the 1940s, so chances are you had one as a child. If you want a trip down memory lane, introduce your kids to this old-school, all-American toy. Recommended age: 5 years and up

  1. Dollhouse Kit by Greenleaf Dollhouses

Let your child experience a mini version of the American dream with her very own dollhouse. Greenleaf Dollhouses has been producing beautiful wooden dollhouse kits for more than 60 years, ranging in price from about $30 to $300. They carry a more affordable line of kits in their Corona Concepts collection, also made in the USA. Note: Parents will need to pitch in with most of the assembly. Recommended age: 5 years and up

  1. 888Toys– solid wood toys and furniture
  2. American Toy Boutique– educational toys
  3. Aurelia’s Little Lovelies– rag dogs and creatures
  4. Bath Boats
  5. Beka – wood toys & products
  6. College Hill Games
  7. Deck Crafters- All Things related to skateboarding
  8. Duarte Paper Art
  9. Eco-Kids  (& Mighty Nest) – eco-friendly kid’s art supplies
  10. Eraselet-Eraselet® is a FUNctional, fashionable Wearable Eraser
  11. Howells Natural Wood Products
  12. Green Toys
  13. Hank the Cow Dog
  14. Heirloom Wooden Toys– handcrafted wooden toys
  15. Hearth Song– toys and gifts*
  16. I See Me– personalized children’s books
  17. K’Nex – construction set toys*
  18. Lionel – model trains and accessories
  19. Little Tikes– play sets for children*
  20. Magic Cabin– toys and gifts for kids*
  21. Maple Landmark – natural wooden toys, gifts and games
  22. Mason Corporation – waterslides
  23. My Grandpa’s Wooden Toys
  24. Original Tree Swing
  25. Pajaggle
  26. Promise Monsters – stuffed monster that inspire acts of kindness
  27. Pure Play Kids– natural wooden and cloth toys
  28. Puzzles for Kids
  29. Skull Duggery
  30. Seven Acre Toys– natural wooden toys
  31. Silly Creatures– educational and therapeutic plush toys
  32. Springbok Puzzles– jigsaw puzzles
  33. Step2– toddler and preschool toys
  34. Tiger Candy Arts– handmade sock puppets
  35. Trouble the Dog– plush stuffed toy
  36. Turner Toys– classic wooden toy
  37. Vermont Teddy Bear– hand stitched in VT
  38. Wee Can Too– edible art supplies
  39. Whittle Shortline Railroad
  40. Wikki Stix– educational waxed yarn toys

Post and list written by Alice Fisher.

Alice Fisher
Alice Fisher, Senior Account Manager, Tots2Tweens

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