Marathon Golf for Operation Second Chance & St Thomas More Academy

Posted by Dani Gurrie in Blog Posts on Tue, May 8, 2012

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Dani Gurrie is the founder of Tots2Tweens, a wife to Ashley and mom to Cooper and Brodie. She spends most of her days trying to find the ultimate kids-related thing that mom's will love...just to share it with her world.

168 Responses to “Marathon Golf for Operation Second Chance & St Thomas More Academy”

  1. Bill Sprague

    Dani–Thanks to you and Tots2Tweens for offering the additional $500 for Marathon Golf! I’m a participant, and hope your readers and my family and friends get me over the hump with most commments!!

    Bill Sprague

  2. Tom Schultze

    I understand Bill Sprague is playing 100 holes. No problem. He does that for breakfast.

  3. Kevin Williams

    Good luck and thanks to Bill Sprague for participating. Sounds like a great event. Hope your arms hold out old friend!

  4. John Gale

    This sounds like a terrific event. I am rooting for Bill Sprague! He is a great guy and very passionate about this organization.

  5. I’m rooting for Bill Sprague!!! Love what you’re doing for the cause, Dani! 🙂


  6. Pat McConaughey

    Hit em straight, after 100 holes we assume they will not be long.Good luck would love to see you walk 100! Pat

  7. Rick Weimer

    Bill Sprague, as slow as you play do you think you’ll have enough daylight? Fairways and greens my friend.

  8. Nancy Sprague

    When my wonderful brother BILL SPRAGUE plays 100 holes, the only entity that will benefit more than “Operation Second Chance” is Titleist! He is going to have to pack at least 2 dozen golf balls! Great effort for a great cause, I’m proud of you Bro! Let the Big Dog eat!

  9. Rick Parsons

    I’m proud of you but remember to stretch regularly, those old muscles lock up.


  10. Tom Kloss

    Good luck Bill!

  11. Colleen Sprague

    Good luck Uncle Bill (Bill Sprague)! Play great!


  12. Mike Sprague Jr

    Good luck Unc (Bill Sprague)!!!

  13. Mike Klley

    Good luck, Bill S! Drink lots of water, take vitamins, bring a defibrillator….

  14. Jenny Shank

    Good Luck Bill!

  15. Greg "Jet" Poling

    Good Luck Bill Sprague,
    You, a worthy cause and a 100 holes of golf!


    Stay hydrated

  16. Chris Midgett

    To old man Bill Sprague….hit em straight, that way to don’t have to walk as far. Looking forward to supporting this cause.


  17. Chris Midgett

    To Bill Sprague – Play well, count all strokes, and average less than 82 per 18 holes. Looking forward to supporting this cause.


  18. Richard Groetken

    Good luck. I would say you should have Nancy caddie for you, but then you would never get the 100 holes in.

  19. Meghan MacMillan

    Good luck Bill Sprague!

  20. Kathy Groetken

    Bill Sprague Good Luck to you! I know your crazy sister!

  21. Shane Davis

    Good Luck Bill Sprague. Hit em straight!

  22. Mary Jones

    Good Luck Bill. Have fun golfing and enjoy the day!

  23. Ben Sprague

    100 holes of golf for my dad, Bill Sprague…That’s a slow Saturday morning for him!

  24. Dereck

    Good luck Bill Sprague! Bet you golf better than Nanc

  25. Carol Sprague

    100 holes for my husband Bill Sprague! Good Luck!

  26. Mike Larkin

    Bill Sprague and 100 holes is nothing..I seem to remember a back issue….enjoy and make a reservation at the spa or Hospital for the next day…..good luck. Mike

  27. 100 holes in one day??????? That is 5 rounds plus 10 holes. STAY OUT OF THE ROUGH!

  28. This is for Bill Sprague. Good Luck!!!

  29. Steve P.

    Bill – you can do it, might need a week’s rest, but I have faith in you. Play well!

  30. Sarah Link

    100 holes! WOW! Good luck dad (Bill Sprague)!

  31. Ryan H

    Bill Sprague, Keep it in the short grass! Good Luck!

  32. Jeremey Olson

    Good luck Bill Sprague! Hit ’em straight!

  33. Sharon Hook

    Bill Sprague is the best!

  34. Danielle Leonard

    Go Bill Sprague! 100 holes? No sweat! Awesome!!

  35. Jonathan Porwick

    Go get’em Bill! Great job!

  36. Jamie Schad

    Hit em straight Bill Sprague!!!

  37. Keith Sigur

    Good Luck, Bill Sprague!!! You are awesome!!!

  38. Kim Mann

    Good Luck Bill Sprague!!!!

  39. Walter Jones

    Best of Luck Bill Sprague. Hit em straight!!!!!!

  40. Rocky Billitto

    Bill Sprague, I wish i could be there with you to yell, “You da man!” 100 times on every tee shot. I’m just worried I will stress my voice. Good Luck!

  41. Wanda Cavey

    Way to go Bill Sprague! Great cause!

  42. Greg Reddell

    You go, Bill! Mr. Sprague, this is your physchiatrist is holding on line 1.


    Thank you Bill Sprague for hitting 100 holes for such a great cause.

  44. Jackie Stark

    Good luck Bill Sprague!! You will do great & lets hope you win that extra money for a great cause!!!

  45. Danielle Seiler

    Good luck to BILL SPRAGUE! Get all the pars, birdies, and hole-in-ones or whatever else is really good in golf!

  46. tim hopkins


  47. Bill — way to go — drink plenty of fluids (not beer) and hit’em straighter than normal. Thanks for helping a great cause.


  48. Good luck Bill Sprague!! Thank you for doing this for such a wonderful cause!!!!

  49. Bob Krabbe

    I hope you have a great day for a great cause!

  50. Karen Zorn

    Good luck to you Bill Sprague. Thanks for taking on such a worthy cause.

  51. Tressure Clark

    Good luck Bill Sprague and have fun!

  52. Brenda B

    Go Bill Go ! What a great charity!

  53. Kim Musser

    Bill Sprague – 100 Holes! We will be cheering for you! Kim

  54. Tim Winter

    Bill Sprague, you are da man! Thanks for playing.

  55. Eric T

    You go Bill Sprague! Tell Carol to make sure the beer is cold and ready for you when walk in the door after 100 holes! That’s if you can get out of the car…she may have to bring it to you! Thanks for doing this for a good cause!

  56. Mike Charnigo

    Great Cause Good Luck Bill!!!!

  57. Bruce Culver

    Bill Sprague…. go get ’em buddy!

  58. Marcia Duffy

    Oh My Gosh Bill, Love this charity! You are such a superstar on the golf course this wil be a breeze for you! Marcia

  59. Diane Shoemaker

    What a guy! Bill Sprague, 100 holes of golf for a great cause. Way to go Bill!!

  60. andrew link

    good luck Bill sprague enjoy the day and get a good long full days rest before you get out there.

  61. John Kennedy

    Bill Sprague will finish 100 in record time and
    D not even break a sweat. Go Bill

  62. Debbie Murphy

    Goooo Bill Sprague! 100 holes! Wow you da Man! Hope you get the extra money for your charity too!

  63. Tammy Sirbaugh

    Way to go Bill Sprague! You are unbelievable!!!

  64. Bill Sprague

    This is a great idea! I know you can do it Bill! Have a fun out there! Beth

  65. Rhonda Stewart

    Way to go Bill!

  66. Becky

    Wishing Bill Sprague perfect weather for his golf outing.

  67. Maureen T.

    Awesome event!!! Good luck to you Bill Sprague!! Book that massage appointment now 🙂

  68. Cindy Dine

    Go Bill!! We will cheering for ya! this is a great cause.

  69. Missy Baker

    Good Luck Bill Sprague!!!! What a great cause!

  70. Betsy Kremer

    What a great thing for you to do Bill Sprague, thats why you have been walking so much so you could play 100! Good luck Betsy

  71. Marta Belgard

    A wonderful person Bill Sprague is playing for the cause and we support him like he supports the Wounded Warriors. Here is supporting Bill Sprague. THank you.

  72. Terri H

    Way to GO Bill. Good Luck

  73. Sue Stewart

    You Go Bill! Good Luck….

  74. Chris Lawson

    I had to check this out to make sure my good friend Bill Sprague was really doing something other than taking a Monday off to play golf – a great cause, thank you, Bill, for being a champion!

  75. Janet Bradley

    Good luck Dad!! You will do awesome!!

    We love you Steve Harmel!!

  76. Mark Bradley

    Go Mr. H!! We are praying for you and that the days goes awesome!

    Team Steve Harmel!

  77. Jacob Bradley

    Team Steve Harmel!

    Love you OPA!!

  78. Gavin Bradley

    Team Steve Harmel

    I am cheering for you OPA!

  79. Delaney Bradley

    Team Steve Harmel –

    Love you OPA!

  80. Michelle Jansen

    We’re rooting for you Steve Harmel!

  81. Kathi D

    any Looks like a great fund raiser! Good luck to you all!

  82. Tom Currier

    The goal is a hole in One Mr. Harmel Go get them.

  83. Donna Currier

    HAVE FUN!!!! WOW!! 100 holes You will have to tell us all about it.. You are in my prayers. God Bless you!!!! 🙂 Donna

    GO MR. HARMEL GO!!!!!

  84. Jami Papakostas

    Good luck, Steve Harmel!

  85. David Lerer

    Bill Sprague is a true patriot playing 100 holes of golf to support Wounded Warriors. Of course, once he’s done, he may feel like a wounded golf warrior based on how long it takes him to finish! Good luck Bill.

  86. griff jones


  87. Krystle

    Good Luck Mr. Fab a.k.a Steve Harmel!

  88. Crystal

    Good Luck Mr. Fabulous (Steve Harmel)! Hope you raise lots of money, to help the soldiers who have helped us.

  89. Richard

    Good Luck Steve Harmel! Thank you for all you do!

  90. CRM Cosntruction

    Good Luck Mr. Harmel! From your CRM family!

  91. ITZEL


  92. MIke Grace

    Way to go Bill Sprague! A super cause to play for.

  93. CUMC Preschool

    We are cheering for you Mr. Harmel!!

    Love all the kiddos at CUMC Preschool!

  94. Janet Bradley

    So proud of you Dad!

    Way to go Steve Harmel!

  95. Laurie

    Good Luck Mr. Man a.k.a. Steve Harmel!!!!

  96. Barbara

    Great job – Steve Harmel – you rock!

  97. Bill Sprague Rocks. Bet he has the best score!!

  98. don

    Bill Sprague is the only person I know who would play this much golf at one time … plus it benefits a great cause …. everyone wins!

  99. Darlene White

    Bill Sprague,
    What a great cause! Thanks for taking your time and talent for Wounded Warriors!!!


  100. Tim Westerman

    Be the ball, Danny! I mean…Bill (Sprague).

    Enjoy your time at Bushwood!

    Seriously, best wishes.

  101. Tommy

    Way to go Bill Sprague and good luck! Hope you break 400!

  102. Dave Fadeley

    Bill……….If anyone can do it… can! Keep an eye out for the fellow golfers that have pacemakers.

  103. Tom Breidenstein

    Bill, thanks for making a positive difference for such a great cause. My knees hurt just thinking about that many holes but I have faith you will do it! Good Luck.

  104. Connie Snook

    I’m proud of you Bill Sprague. See you are not so old!!LOL. You will be doing what you do best. Playing Golf.. Good luck. Connie Snook

  105. SANDI

    GO BILL SPRAGUE!!!! Remember the sunblock for this marathon golf event & hit a hole-in-one for me.

  106. Heather Bartlett

    Great cause Bill Sprague!! Good Luck! 🙂

  107. Jay Bartlett

    Good luck Bill Sprague!

  108. Heather Bartlett

    Good Luck Bill Sprague 🙂

  109. Ronnie Ruffner

    Good Luck Bill Sprague! 100 holes in a day WOW

  110. Steph Murtagh

    I’m pullin for Bill Sprague! It’s a tough outting for a great cause! Keep it on the dance floor Bill! Enjoy, Steph.

  111. Bill Sprague

    Good Luck Bill Sprague

  112. James Tower

    What a great cause! Good luck Bill (Sprague)!

  113. Kathy Rickerd

    Awesome cause to benefit! Good luck 🙂

  114. The real question is who is paying for the 400 balls Bill will need to complete 100 holes?

  115. Stephanie Routh

    Way to go Bill Sprague I have “faith” in the cause and of course in your ability to finish like a champ. Have Fun

  116. Chuck Norris Morgan

    Bill Sprague can do this in one day for sure. But Chuck Norris usually plays 100 holes in the morning and then does a triathalon in the afternoon.

  117. Dawn Kinniry

    What a great cause and what a great guy Bill Sprague is for doing it! Good Luck!

  118. John Norris

    Hit them Straight Bill Sprague!

  119. Krista Palm

    Good luck Bill Sprague! what a great cause to support!

  120. Tim Panther

    Go Bill Sprague! We’ll hope for a cool, dry day! Great cause….

  121. Shelly Strominger

    Great cause Bill! Good Luck

  122. Tammy michaels

    Good luck Bill Sprague!

  123. Steve Boyer

    Great idea Bill Sprague. I hope you enjoy yourself and maybe a cold beverage or two. You inspire us. Good Luck!

  124. Mark

    Stephen Harmel -good luck!

  125. Mini

    Hoping Steve Harmel has a great game of golf. Go get ’em!

  126. Amy H

    Go Steve Harmel!

  127. Amy P

    Steve Harmel…what a great golfer!

  128. Paul Magaha

    On behalf of the Golf Ball Manufacturing Association (GBMA aka God Bill Mulliganed Again)we want to fully support Mr. Bill Sprague in this endeavor. If it weren’t for his proficiency in losing his balls our collective stocks would suffer. Go Bill!!!

  129. Natalie Tusing

    Go Bill Sprague!! Way to combine a hobby and a good deed!!

  130. Mary Fran McShea

    Good luck to Bill Sprague!

  131. Tommi Brodhead

    GO Bill Sprague!!! You can do it!! AND – after you are done, we have another excuse for a party!!!

  132. Bill,

    With as many people as you know I bet you get the extra $500. Good Luck!!

    Robin Seitz

  133. Good Luck Bill Spraque! I have known you for 40 years and I am counting on you to prove to the charity and the whole world that you can play 100 holes of golf in one day! You are an avid golfer and although you are an old man, you can do this! Love, Amy 🙂

  134. Tim Breidenstein

    A very worthy charity! Good luck Bill!

  135. Brennan Breidenstein

    This will be the one time you have a built in excuse for not breaking 100 on the scorecard… good luck and have fun Bill Sprague!!!

  136. Cindy Bibb


  137. David Munson

    Good Luck Bill Sprague!! 100 Holes of Golf!!

  138. Brandon

    Go get em Bill Sprague!!! 100 holes is nothing for you!

  139. Helen Livesey

    You can do it, Bill (Sprague) Show everyone what you are made of !

  140. Tim Steele

    Go Bill (Sprague) you can do it!


  141. Mary Kay Quist

    Bill, you are a rock star! Does this mean you get a Saturday off from washing your car? Thanks for supporting a great cause.

  142. jay forney

    Hope you have someone to drive you home after the event. All the best. Jay

  143. Jeff Hatfield

    Good luck Bill Sprague. Thanks for supporting such a worthy charity!

  144. Andrew Tiller

    Good luck Bill Sprague, what a great cause! Will that be a 4 cigar round or 5? Have fun.

  145. Jim McCauley

    Good luck Bill. Has anyone taken the oxygen concession yet?

  146. Mary Tiller

    To Bill Sprague…one of my favorites! Way to go. We’ll be cheering for you all of the way. Hit ’em straight.

  147. Karen Michaels

    What a great cause Bill! So proud to be an ADP classmate of yours!

  148. Karen Wroan

    5+ rounds of golf in one day……Whoa!!!! Hope they still make Ben Gay!!!! Good Luck and love ya…Karen

  149. Tina Kohn

    Good Luck Bill

  150. Karen Wroan

    Bill Sprague playing 5+ rounds in one day…..Whoa!!!! Hope they still sell Ben Gay. Good Luck, Bill……a worthy cause….Love, Karen

  151. Beckie

    Go, Bill Sprague! You can do it!!!

  152. Suzy Brase

    Bill Sprague that’s a lot of golf. What a great cause. Have fun & good Luck. Suzy

  153. Mary Crow

    Thanks for supporting a terrific cause. Best of luck to you!

  154. Tammy Manzano

    Go Bill Sprague! Win that extra $500!!!

  155. Bill Sprague- Great cause. Have fun with the 100 wholes.

  156. oops sorry Bill-That should have been holes!

  157. Candy Sharer

    If anybody can play 100 holes of golf…..It’s Bill Sprague!

  158. Darcey Howser

    Good luck to Bill Sprague!! 100 holes in one day??? Wowza 🙂

  159. Chase

    Good Luck Bill Sprague!!!

  160. Pam

    Go Bill! Good luck with 100 holes!

  161. Mark

    Good Luck Bill Sprague, Hope you get things done!

  162. joe

    GO get em BILL!!!!

  163. Marilyn Billingsely

    Bill Sprague…wish I were there to hear your comments towards the end…if you can still talk, I am sure it will be hilarious!!

  164. David Freiss

    Great cause Mr. Sprague, good luck!

  165. Alex Tsetsilas

    Good Luck Bill, keep it in the short grass!!

  166. Brian Barrows

    Hit them straight Bill Sprague, good luck!

  167. Kevin Price

    Way to go Bill. Drink plenty of liquids.

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