Blog Awesome Challenge: Enter to Win a Conference Sponsorship & a Paid Internship!

Posted by amandar in Blog Awesome Challenge, Blog Posts on Wed, Mar 28, 2012

About Amanda Rodriguez

Amanda is your friendly, neighborhood T2T head blogger.  She is in charge of bringing the blog awesome to Tots2Tweens on a daily basis!  She is a married mom to three cool Dudes (ages 3, 6, & 9) and one baby dog daughter.  In addition to making magic here on Tots2Tweens she also writes a pretty fan-freakin-tastic humor parenting blog called parenting BY dummies.   When she’s not bringing the pain online or chasing her Dudes up and down a field of some sort she is behind her camera capturing memories for gorgeous people with her Maryland photography business.  She also enjoys reality TV (she was even on a show once!), baked goodness, and watching other people take long walks on the beach.

11 Responses to “Blog Awesome Challenge: Enter to Win a Conference Sponsorship & a Paid Internship!”

  1. What a great challenge! Thank you! Looking forward to seeing all of you tonight at the Twitter Party! Good luck everyone!

    My post:

  2. This challenge ROCKED! It was just what I needed to. Now to keep up the momentum…

    Here’s my post:

  3. Good luck everyone! And thank you Tots2Tweens! The challenges have been great for getting me motivated on my blog.

  4. I love your advice. I think I’m still in that “new, trying to find out what I’m really doing with this blog” stage.

    I’m late to the party but am extremely enthusiastic and I’m sure I’ll be caught up in no time! 🙂

  5. MKBattles

    Thanks so much for this opportunity! Really looking forward to gearing up my personal blog and learning all the tricks of the trade. Thank you!

  6. Kelly

    This was tons of fun, of course, I would LOVE to win, but I think all these bloggers are great. Thanks for putting this out there, it was a great opportunity to learn!

  7. Thanks for this awesome challenge. It’s been great learning new things and making great blogging connections with other participants. The Twitter chat was especially fun! Good luck to everyone! 🙂 Love reading all of your posts. So inspiring.

  8. Thanks so much for this challenge! It left me wanting more. Would love the opportunity to keep the juices flowing and go to Bloggy Boot Camp and learn the ropes from some awesome ladies at Tots2Tweens! I’ve also enjoyed getting to connect with other area bloggers. Here’s to blog awesomeness!

  9. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this challenge, especially finding out more about the contestants. If nothing else, it’s been a great way to build community and friendship (and followship which, sadly, is not a word but I know you know what I mean). Good luck, everyone.

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