Blog Awesome Challenge Twitter Party Announcement!

Posted by amandar in Blog Awesome Challenge, Blog Posts on Mon, Mar 26, 2012

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About Amanda Rodriguez

Amanda is your friendly, neighborhood T2T head blogger.  She is in charge of bringing the blog awesome to Tots2Tweens on a daily basis!  She is a married mom to three cool Dudes (ages 3, 6, & 9) and one baby dog daughter.  In addition to making magic here on Tots2Tweens she also writes a pretty fan-freakin-tastic humor parenting blog called parenting BY dummies.   When she’s not bringing the pain online or chasing her Dudes up and down a field of some sort she is behind her camera capturing memories for gorgeous people with her Maryland photography business.  She also enjoys reality TV (she was even on a show once!), baked goodness, and watching other people take long walks on the beach.

13 Responses to “Blog Awesome Challenge Twitter Party Announcement!”

  1. How many hours do you devote to different social media each week?

  2. Ladies, I cant wait to join you at your twitter party on Wednesday!

    A few questions:
    Do you tweet or post to FB all of your Blog posts?

    Do you use Google+, and what can it do for me?

    Do you talk about your kids or try to keep it professional and not about your family?

    Good luck to all of the winners! Cant wait to chat tomorrow night, see you ladies there!

  3. No really, this is a serious question.

    What is the best way to gain frequent followers and know that they actually care what you post about?


  4. kymnasium

    I am excited to join in, I am always wondering about blogging, but have so many questions.

    What is a good site to start blogging on?
    what do I write about?
    How can I get followers to be interested in my blog?

    thank you so much for having this twitter party! see you all there

  5. I’m really looking forward to the twitter party tonight and hope my little one actually wants to sleep in his bed instead of waking up around 9. 🙂 I’m curious about how to get more companies to host giveaways and what is the best way to go about finding social media writing oppurtunities (ie. Toyota Woman). I’m ready to grow my blog into something a bit bigger and start hopefully making a little extra money on the side.

  6. MichelleP

    I am a new blogger and I’d really like to know what it takes to become a brand ambassador. I like to think I’m witty and my blog is more personal reflections and crazy parenting stuff than it is giveaways and reviews. Thanks for any insight?

  7. scaryscorpion

    Can’t wait to learn new things!

  8. manybabies

    I’m want to RSVP

  9. manybabies

    The twitter party was awesome! Thank you to all the hosts! I love the power of networking! I was empowered tonight!

  10. I’m sorry that I missed the twitter party. Family obligations. And I’m bummed I missed the Ryan Gosling pinterest photos!

  11. How come you dont have your site viewable in mobile format? Can not view anything in my iPad.

  12. Had no idea – don’t have an iPad yet!! Will definitely check it out and see what we can do. Thanks for letting us know!

  13. Actually – we think it’s an issue with Safari – if you have Chrome or Mozilla as your browser it should be okay…but we’re still looking into it.

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