Waffle Dogs

Recipe submitted by: Amy Pickett
Recipe courtesy of: http://sweetannas.com/2013/09/waffle-wrapped-hot-dogs-aka-waffle-dogs.html

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Waffles and hot dogs? Waffle hot dogs? Waffle dogs?!

Prep Time:
Cook Time:


4 hot dogs
4 frozen Eggo waffles


  1. Cook the hot dogs your favorite way. Grill, boil, microwave, whatever you prefer.
  2. While the hot dogs are cooking, toast the Eggo waffles on the lightest setting of your toaster.
  3. Remove the waffles and gently roll them out thin with a rolling pin (Or a glass or bottle on it's side!) stacking them together to keep them soft.
  4. Take a cooked hot dog, roll it up in a thinned out waffle, and seal the edge with a bit of ketchup or mustard.
  5. Serve immediately with all your favorite hot dog toppings!

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