Beginner’s Luck Green Smoothie

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This tropical treat has the perfect fruit-to-veggie ratio. A great beginner-friendly green smoothie.

Prep Time:
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•2 cups fresh spinach
•2 cups water
•1 cup mango
•1 cup pineapple
•2 bananas

Use at least one frozen fruit to chill your smoothie. We often use frozen mangos and bananas in our green smoothies.


  1. Tightly pack 2 cups of leafy greens in a measuring cup and then toss into blender.
  2. Add water and blend together until all leafy chunks are gone.
  3. Add mango, pineapple and bananas and blend again until smooth.
  4. Pour into a mason jar (or cute cup of your choice).
  5. Gulp or sip like a rawkstar!

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