Retreat Through Williamsport: Civil War Weekend

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Friday, July 12, 2013 thru Sunday, July 14, 2013
12:00 am

Springfield Farm
12 Springfield Lane
Williamsport, MD 21795


Friday July 12, 2013
7:30 – 9:00 Inside Springfield Farm
“Pursuing the Retreat” hosted by Historian, Author, and local personality Tim Rowland
A group of Gettysburg Retreat experts will discuss “Retreat” hot topics and answer questions from the audience. Currently the panel consists of Ted Alexander, Eric Wittenberg, George Franks, and Steve French.
 Saturday July 13, 2013
9:00 Camps open and events begin
9:30 Artillery Demonstration (Demonstration Field)
10:00 Steve French - The Battle of Williamsport July 6, 1863 (Speaker Tent)
11:00 Reenactment “The Wagoner’s Fight of July 6, 1863” (Battle Field @ Milestone Terrace)
12:00 Tim Snyder - The C&O Canal in the Gettysburg Campaign (Speakers Tent)
12:30 Period Music concert by the Shenandoah Valley Minstrels (Outside of Museum)
1:00 J D Petruzzi - The Battle of Funkstown (Speakers Tent)
1:30 Infantry Demonstration (Demonstration Field)
2:00 Eric Wittenberg The Battle of Boonsboro Speakers Tent)
2:30 Cavalry Demonstration (Demonstration Field)
3:00 Scott Hartwig - The post Getttysburg condition of the Confederate Army (Speakers Tent)
3:30 Artillery Demonstration (Demonstration Field)
4:00 Karlton Smith - Civil War medicine of the Gettysburg Campaign (Speakers Tent)
4:30 Medical Demonstration (In camp)
5:00 Stephen Bochmiller - Valor in the Streets: The Battle of Hagerstown (Speakers Tent)
8:00 Period Barn Dance in Springfield Farm Music by the Shenandoah Valley Minstrels and dance calls by instructor and caller Tom Mack. Event is free w/ donations requested.
Sunday July 14, 2013
9:00 Period Church Service and Music by the Shenandoah Valley Minstrels (Speakers Tent)
10:00 March to Falling Waters meet at Cushwa Basin be led by NPS rangers and follow retreating troops down the canal to the crossing point of the Confederate Army. All along the way you will hear the personal accounts of troops in Williamsport all while travel under the beautiful canopy of the C&O Canal. Transportation back from Falling Waters provided and participation is limited to 150 guests (Free but must register by calling 301-582-0813)
10:00 George Franks - “The Battle of Falling Waters” July 14, 1863 150 Years Later (Speakers Tent)
10:30 Infantry Demonstration (Demonstration Field)
11:00 Scott Mingus “The Louisiana Tigers in the Gettysburg Campaign” at the speakers tent.
11:30 Artillery Demonstration (Demonstration Field)
12:00 Ted Alexander - “Backstories of the Retreat” Atrocities, Ecology, and Human interest stories (Speakers Tent)
12:30 Cavalry Demonstration (Demonstration Field)
1:00 Steve French - The Battle of Cearfoss and the raid on the Pontoon Bridge July 4, 1863 (Speakers Tent)
2:00 Reenactment – “To be determined” (Battlefield @ Milestone Terrace)
4:00 Camps, sutlers, demonstrations close up and prepare for the 151st Retreat!

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