Olsson Family Adoption Fundraiser-help bring their little girl home!

This event posted by: Aimee Mendoza

Tuesday, November 20, 2012 thru Tuesday, January 01, 2013

To donate or purchase from a company donating to this fundraiser please click this link!


***To benefit the Olsson family there are many independent direct consultants who are donating their proceeds to their adoption fund. You can also make a direct donation to the Olsson family here: http://www.westsandsadoption.org/ws/donate/ (for a list of direct consultants, please visit the facebook event page listed here)***

Dear Friends and Family,

We’d like to thank you for helping to welcome Marra Frehiwet into our family. We will always cherish your acts of kindness. Marra has adjusted beautifully and every day with her as an Olsson is an incredible blessing.Our journey to bring Marra home from Ethiopia, while incredibly trying at times, was the most amazing adventure for our whole family. And now we are hoping to add to our family through Ethiopian adoption again.This time is a little different. Instead of a healthy baby girl , like Marra, whom we had to wait for, we felt led to look at the list of children who are waiting for families. A six year old little girl has captured our hearts and she is the one we are seeking to adopt.

We are excited that the wait will be much shorter this time, since she will be matched with us as soon as our papers are ready, but that means no time to work more over-time , have yard sales and bake sales, etc to earn the money. WE NEED YOUR HELP.

We are hopeful that TOGETHER we can raise $5K in FIVE DAYS!!
Spread the word, share the event invite. Any amount, even $5 will help. We are trusting that God will provide the funds we need to get this child home, to her forever family. But, we need you to be His sheep! He has never led us to something and not provided.

In total, we will need to raise and earn $20,000. WoW! I know. Big numbers. We are doing all we can to earn this amount. I will be selling sheets starting in a few weeks (more on that later), my point is that TOGETHER we can make this happen. We are working hard and hope you will spread the word for us!
This Sunday is Orphan Sunday. Your churches will most likely pass around a collection for an orphan ministry they support. Here is an opportunity to really be part of directly saving the life of one very special orphan. We are asking that you prayerfully consider helping us with the financial burden that comes with international adoption.

Just click on the link provided, then click donate! In the ‘purpose’ space just type in Amy and Sten Olsson adoption. Your donation will be TAX DEDUCTIBLE!!! West Sands will send you a receipt to be used for your tax return.


Sten and Amy Olsson

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