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Apple and Sausage Pie

A casserole pie that combines sweet Italian sau...

cook 8

Spring Lamb Stew

This lamb stew is easy on the budget using “off...

cook 6-8


For a more authentic cheese to use in this dish...

cook 8

Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey

Everything you need to create a beautifully coo...

cook 18hrs
cook 3hrs
cook 12

Citrus Butter Cookies

At home at a summer picnic or on your holiday c...

cook 15min
cook 15min
cook 36 cookies

Granola Bars

You can change it up however you’d like! Add di...

cook 15min
cook 1 hr.
cook 16

Panfried Kale

Just throw it into a sizzling skillet with oliv...

cook 5min
cook 2min
cook 4

Homemade Applesauce

oh, the things you can do with homemade applesa...

cook 15min
cook 25min
cook 12

Sweet Potatoes

A great addition to any dinner or Thanksgiving ...

cook 45min
cook 30min
cook 10