Frederick Classical Charter School

8445 Spires Way, Suite CC
Frederick, MD 21705

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frederick classical charter school
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About Frederick Classical Charter School

Tuition Free FCPS Public School

The long-term vision for the Frederick Classical Charter School is to be nationally recognized as a replicable model for providing a traditional, rigorous liberal arts education using well-researched instructional approaches.

The Frederick Classical Charter School offers a warm, inviting atmosphere where students are expected to comport themselves well and strive to meet high standards of academic excellence. We aim to educate “Renaissance men and women”, who have a wide range of knowledge about all subjects and understand how each relates to the others. The design of the classical curriculum, which is based on teaching history in a chronological sequence, is unique among education approaches and achieves a high level of integration among subjects that is a hallmark of classical education.

Academic Program: Classical Education + Latin & Spanish

Our school offers a classical education, which organizes education into three stages that roughly correspond with students’ development. These stages are called the “trivium”, and consist of the grammar, logic, and rhetoric stages. The grammar stage is from grades K-4. Students learn not just English grammar but the “grammar”, or fundamental knowledge and skills, of all subjects.

In a classical education, history provides the organizing structure for the study of science and the humanities. Students take two chronological sweeps through history‑from first through fourth grade and again from fifth through eighth grade. This approach brings a coherence to the curriculum not found in most other schools.

Research Trumps Philosophy

Our school avoids harmful education fads that are based on strongly held philosophical beliefs, sticking to approaches supported by mainstream research. Instead of the “balanced literacy” approach that often neglects phonemic awareness and phonics, our school uses a research-based reading program that includes systematic and explicit instruction in phonemic awareness and phonics that has been shown to reach nearly all children.

Student academic performance information is available here

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Frederick Classical Charter School

8445 Spires Way, Suite CC
Frederick, MD 21705

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