Epiphany School

114 E. Edmondson St.
Culpeper, VA

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private Catholic school culpeper va
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About Epiphany School

Epiphany Catholic School is inspired by the Holy Spirit to achieve academic excellence through a curriculum designed to meet the spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and social needs of its students.

Catholic School serving Preschool through 8th grade. Students are challenged to work to their abilities through an integrated curriculum, in a nurturing, supportive, Christ-centered environment. Focusing on Jesus as the Master Teacher, Epiphany Catholic School recognizes parents as primary educators of their children, united in a partnership with qualified faculty and staff. The student’s individuality and God-given talents are fostered as they discover their role in the family, Church, school, community, country and world.

Epiphany Preschool

Epiphany Preschool interprets the goal of early childhood education as being  the development of the WHOLE child.

Spiritual Development

Our program is designed to help the child in the process of discovering, affirming and developing their inherent goodness and relationship with God.

 Intellectual and Physical Development

  • Activity centered, hands-on learning
  • An environment that recognizes the child as an individual
  • Encourage the child’s natural curiosity
  • Develop a wide range of skills to meet future challenges

Emotional Development

  • Provide an experience to associate pleasure with learning
  • Develop self-confidence by increasing chances of success while providing the space to fail without fear
  • Epiphany strives to provide an optimal teacher /child ratio of 1 staff member to 6-8 children with each class having a teacher and aide.
  • Loving and warm learning environment
  • Nurturing the formation of Christian character by demonstrating a deep love and respect for the dignity of every child and by directing, modeling and guiding children to live peacefully in a mixed and heterogeneous society.

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Epiphany School

114 E. Edmondson St.
Culpeper, VA

  • private Catholic school culpeper va
  • private Catholic school culpeper va
  • private Catholic school culpeper va
  • private Catholic school culpeper va
  • private Catholic school culpeper va
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