Corpus Christi School

3301 Glen Carlyn Rd.
Falls Church, VA 22041

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private school Falls Church VA
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About Corpus Christi School

A vibrant and robust community that  takes academic preparation seriously

Corpus Christi is a regional Catholic school made up of two campuses located in Northern Virginia. Our school, which is part of the Arlington Catholic Diocese, is an interparish school and while the school serves children primarily who are parishioners of St. Anthony of Padua and St. Philip Catholic Churches. All faiths are welcome. The school is spread across over 13 acres on two campuses. Our elementary school campus is home to kindergarten through fifth grade and our middle school of grades 6-8. Our Early Childhood Center campus is focused on preschoolers ages 2-4. Corpus Christi offers a morning and afternoon shuttle bus between our two campuses daily.

Elementary School: Grades K-5

A variety of strategies and projects are used to teach the academic subjects. These include such things as: analyzing, writing, memorizing, performing, summarizing, sequencing, interpreting, and critical thinking. Special activities include: creating stories, poems, book reports, essays, dramatizations, and dioramas, and a variety of extra credit projects. Technology integration is achieved through project-based learning and interactive white boards in all grades.

Middle School: Grades 6-8

Students in grades six through eight learn in a departmentalized setting taught by teachers who specialize in particular subject areas. Advanced classes are offered in math (pre­-algebra, algebra, geometry), science and English. Our language arts curriculum includes literature, which is coordinated with our history curriculum and English (grammar and vocabulary). Students learn research skills and write a research report. Spanish is an academic subject in grades 6-8, with the opportunity to test into Spanish II in high school.

Overview of School Services

  • Excellent academics Standardized tests surpass the local public schools in our area, provided in a value-based environment.
  • Language Arts: We follow a traditional program of English grammar, essay writing, cursive handwriting and integration of our literature and social studies curriculum.
  • Mathematics Program: Corpus Christi offers advanced math placement beginning in sixth grade. Algebra is offered in seventh or eighth grade to those students who meet the Diocesan requirements. Students who complete algebra in seventh grade are taught geometry in eighth grade.
  • Technology. The Elementary/Middle School Campus has a fully-networked technology infrastructure which includes:
    • high speed internet access with wireless, email and network printing,
    • networked classrooms at the elementary/middle school campus, including a computer lab,
    • web-based school library system and online encyclopedias accessible outside of school,
    • Interactive white boards in all homerooms, integrated with computers for interactive learning.
  • Special Instruction: Art, music, physical education, computer technology, and library instruction are offered to kindergarten through eighth grade. Title 1 services are offered to eligible students.
  • Performing Arts: Students may join our Corpus Christi School Choir (Grades 3-8), Corpus Christi Band (grades 4-8), Art Club (grades 4-8), Dance Club (grades 6-8), and our Shakespeare Club (Grades 6-8). Band, choir and Shakespeare perform at Diocesan festivals our Night of the Arts in May.
  • Extended Hours: Available 7:00-8:00 a.m. and 3:20-6:00 p.m., the program allows students opportunities for play, study, rest, reading and homework.
  • Transportation Services: Corpus Christi offers a morning and afternoon shuttle bus between our two campuses daily
  • Student Support: Corpus Christi has two resource staff members along with a Title One teacher, providing support in language arts and reading specialties, for those students that have the need.
  • School Nurse: During our normal hours of operation, a registered full-time nurse is on campus to help safeguard children’s health.
  • Extracurricular: Our students have many extracurricular activities available for their choosing, everything from sports, to band or choir, to science and math clubs.

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Corpus Christi School

3301 Glen Carlyn Rd.
Falls Church, VA 22041

  • private school Falls Church VA
  • private school Falls Church VA
  • private school Falls Church VA
  • private school Falls Church VA
  • private school Falls Church VA
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