Calleva Outdoor Adventures

19120 Martinsburg Rd.
Dickerson, MD 20842

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About Calleva Outdoor Adventures

Adventure is not in the guidebooks and beauty is not on the maps

Calleva’s mission is to get people of all ages outdoors, promoting personal growth, group cooperation & environmental stewardship through educational & challenging experiences on the river, trail & farm.

The hustle and bustle of students getting ready for school, the preparations being made for a feast, the waking of ghosts and ghouls – ALL THIS HAPPENING AT THE CALLEVA FARM!

We can help start your class, your school, and your faculty on the right foot with team building and challenges designed to inspire. Our School Programs are the right mix of fun, education, direction, & motivation to get your students working together. Challenges meant to learn more about oneself, others, and the role you play.  When unity is built and you feel that indestructible, drive back out to the Farm and experience the BEST HALLOWEEN EVENT in the Washington DC Area.

Markoff’s Haunted Forest (for older kids) has consistently been ranked one of the Best Haunts in the Nation…. and this year is no different! If you don’t want to “harsh your mellow” (surfer’s talk) with all this Halloween business, come join us for traditional feast and last Dirty Dinner of the season or bring your small children to our Enchanted Forest.

About Calleva’s Enchanted Forest: For our friends who love Halloween magic, but don’t like to get scared, Calleva presents this magical journey into the stories of our youth. The Enchanted Forest will engage all of your senses and awaken your imagination as you walk from one enchanted moment to another. Our well-lit trail takes you from scene to scene,  where you’ll fish with Hiawatha, cast a spell with a friendly witch, visit Mr. McGregor’s garden, and enter a castle in the woods. Along with other surprises, patrons will leave The Enchanted Forest with their very own pumpkin. Proceeds from the Enchanted Forest support Calleva’s Equestrian Education Program.

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Calleva Outdoor Adventures

19120 Martinsburg Rd.
Dickerson, MD 20842

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