Angelus Academy and Little Messengers Preschool

7644 Dynatech Court
Springfield, VA 22153-2811

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Private school Springfield VA
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About Angelus Academy and Little Messengers Preschool

Where Families Matter and Character Counts

Angelus Academy is a fully-accredited, independent Catholic school affiliated with the Diocese of Arlington. (Preschool-Eighth Grade) We serve families in Northern Virginia by supporting parents in their sacred mission to transmit the rich and time-tested traditions of Catholic faith and culture in a familial atmosphere characterized by mutual respect and generosity of spirit.

Angelus Academy excels again on National Standardized Testing!

1st Grade scores in top 10% Nationally!

Middle School scores in top 12% Nationally!

All Grades score above grade level.

The Angelus Experience

In our area, we are fortunate to have many schools which offer academic excellence.  We also have fine schools connected to some Catholic parishes.  So what sets Angelus Academy apart?

Angelus Academy identifies itself not simply as a school but as a mission.  And that mission is grounded in the Church’s understanding of itself as theCommunion of Saints–an enormous family of children of the Father who are brothers and sisters in Christ and share with Him his Mother, Mary.  The result is a set of commitments that creates a strong sense of family that permeates our school:

  • A loving and generous acceptance of every child for who they are now, coupled with a fervor to help them to become everything God wants them to be.
  • The creation of an environment in which each child is expected and encouraged to know, love and treat with reverence every other member of the family as beloved children of God, including those who have gone before us in the Faith.
  • The expectation that every member of the family has certain rights and responsibilities, including the right to be respected as an individual as well as the responsibility to share talents, time and effort with others for the sake of the common good.
  • As in a well-functioning family, the administration of discipline will be fair, consistent and not meted out in anger or in a manner that will demean the personal dignity of the child.  It should take a form that reflects the family ethos and promotes the welfare not only of the individual but of the family as a whole.
  • While we treasure the uniqueness of every child and work to develop each one to his or her fullest potential, there will necessarily be a strong “family resemblance” among our graduates. This resemblance will manifest itself as a deep devotion to Christ and His Church, especially to the Church as the Communion of Saints; and as a commitment to a Faith that is enfleshed in selfless, sacrificial service and sustained by a vital prayer life, by study of Sacred Scripture and Tradition and through devotion to the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist.

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Angelus Academy and Little Messengers Preschool

7644 Dynatech Court
Springfield, VA 22153-2811

  • Private school Springfield VA
  • Private school Springfield VA
  • Private school Springfield VA
  • Private school Springfield VA
  • Private school Springfield VA
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