Acorn Hill Waldorf Kindergarten and Nursery

9504 Brunett Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20901

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preschool kindergarten silver spring md
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About Acorn Hill Waldorf Kindergarten and Nursery

Still looking for a great place or considering a different school setting for your child in September?

Acorn Hill Waldorf Kindergarten & Nursery has openings in programs that are age appropriate, experiential and self-initiated play-based. Our children build social and academic readiness skills by doing!

Celebrating 50 Years of Educating Children and Nurturing Families

In 1964, Acorn Hill opened its doors to five children in a modest house in Washington, DC, shaded by an oak tree that inspired our school’s name. We quickly grew, moving first to the Silver Spring YMCA, and again in 1977 to our current location.

Fifty years later we are still educating children! We have dedicated ourselves to building a school that fosters a sense of wonder and gratitude in our children, nourishes their imaginations, and provides a warmth-filled environment in which they can work, play and create. Our year-long 50th Anniversary celebration has included workshops and talks, alumni events, and the wonderful 50th Gala and Auction. Thank you for helping make our 50th year a special one!

 Our Mission

Our school and its diverse community provide an oasis to fully and freely develop the capacities of each child. Since its founding in 1964, the teaching and curriculum have emphasized the healthy development of the heart, body and mind through imaginative play, meaningful work and expressive arts in a natural environment. We see in Waldorf Education the opportunity to build a better society.

Our Vision

Acorn Hill will send forth children nurtured by truth, beauty, and goodness so they can meet society with bold thinking, self confidence and social responsibility.


We recognize the significance of experiences in early childhood for an individual’s later development and use age appropriate approaches for teaching. Our curriculum is based on the ideas of Austrian philosopher and scientist Rudolf Steiner whose insights into the developing consciousness of the human being have now been verified by modern neuro-physiological studies. Researchers such as Jane Healy, David Elkind and Joseph Chilton Pearce, among others, have written extensively on the importance of play for the healthy and holistic development of children.

Power of Play

We view play as the serious work of childhood, and learning by doing provides the foundation for active imagination, problem solving, and creative thinking. Our program is experiential, based on the conviction that academic instruction is best postponed until grade school. We build the foundation for cognitive learning through a variety of play and work activities.

Journey Through the Seasons

Journeying with the children through the seasons of the year, through festivals, gardening, and craft activities, we bring a sense of wonder and reverence for nature. Through cooperative and careful work indoors and outdoors we encourage respect for both the environment and one another.

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Acorn Hill Waldorf Kindergarten and Nursery

9504 Brunett Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20901

  • preschool kindergarten silver spring md
  • preschool kindergarten silver spring md
  • preschool kindergarten silver spring md
  • preschool kindergarten silver spring md
  • preschool kindergarten silver spring md
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