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imagination stage wileyBy Nakiah (Kia) Rock, Age 10

I started watching the play, and I did not know what to think. I knew that it would be good because I know the director, who is also making another play, Aviatrix, which I had the honor of reading and acting the script while she was writing it. The play was full of laughter and imagination. They broke the fourth wall (not breaking the fourth wall is when the actors don’t talk or acknowledge the audience). Wiley broke the fourth wall every now and again, asking the audience where his home is and stuff like that.

Wiley is a child from the swamp who’s father was taken by the Hairy Man. The Hairy Man is a smooth-talking (I think) evil forest spirit. He wants to take and eat Wiley. But Wiley’s mother gets “The Book”(a book of magical properties) and tells him he must trick the Hairy Man twice, and he does! Wiley’s mother is “ the best conjure woman in the whole southwest!” She can make magic, and sings well (It was a musical). The dog character only barked, but you could tell what he wanted. The Chorus were the sound, the Hairy Man, the swamp and much more!

Wiley and the Hairy Man (who was a puppet, play by two chorus members) were expertly played. The dog barked, but he was played almost like he was a true dog! They have many costume designers, and they work months before the play is actually shown. The background was almost the same, they had a fog machine (they combined the fog machine and dry ice. The lights made the fog look colored). The tree Wiley climbs was actually rope connected to the wall! The Hairy Man/Puppet was A tiki head/African Mask with a long pole superglued behind it, connected to that pole was green and brown mesh for clothes.

I cant tell you everything, you have to see it for yourself, but in my eyes, it was a wonderful play!

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