A look at a day of “good” food?

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This month is Dental and Orthodontics hygiene month.  As I have looked online for various postings about this topic one thing that kept popping up was how important a good diet was to your teeth.  So, for one “normal” day I watched what my kids and I ate to see how much good stuff was actually good.

Yogurt, one of my kids loves this stuff as I do as well.  But watch out the really “cool” yogurts can be loaded with sugars.  I found these lovely tubes that can be great for making your own on the go yogurts. Here is one place to get them.


I have another child that lives on breakfast bars.  Again some are good and some are “healthy” candy bars.

Both my kids are in school and would rather have the school lunches, I’m not always a fan of school lunches as they are often over processed foods.  But if they are eating, I won’t complain.  Our school system does a fair job of offering good foods, my hope is that I have taught my kids to make good food choices.

Dinners, I try to make almost everything from scratch and non-processed.  More because of my own dietary needs than not wanting them to have non-processed.  There are so many great recipes on our Tots2Tweens site that still make dinner easy and good for your family!  Find some here!

This is my little day of looking into what my kids eat and yes we have started to make changes.  I check the yogurt now alone with the breakfast bars.  We try to at least know what we are putting into our bodies.  I don’t see us as a family that goes “raw” or totally unprocessed, but small changes do add up over a lifetime.



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