An idea to create a love of art!

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Craft Supplies for craft box

Craft Supplies for craft box

The craft box

The long days of summer can mean the words “I’m bored,” “It is hot outside,” and my favorite “I don’t have anything to do!” With older children I have said that I can find you something to do, with the idea that there are many things to clean. However, there are times that the craft box has come in handy!

When my now 13 & 10 year olds were much smaller (2 and 5) I started a craft box.  This box was theirs!  I went to the local craft store and picked up the following: Colored paper, crayons, colored pencils, Chenille stems, pom poms, foam paper, foam cut outs, foam glue, stamps, stamp pads, craft sticks, yarn in all different colors, age appropriate scissors, tape, watercolor paints and paper. With this box I made sure that it was restocked as they used the supplies in it.  Buying things on sale is the best way to keep it stocked! I still am finding new boxes of crayons in my house, because I get them on sale and hide them!

David and Grace loved it! They would get it out and make a huge mess all over the kitchen table, but being crafty does that!  The creations that came out of that box were awesome!  Over the years the craft box has morphed into the art supplies in each of their rooms and a love of art has taken shape.  Having such fun in a box is an easy solution for those days that you can’t get outside, due to heat, cold, or mama needs to get stuff done inside.  Don’t worry about the mess, it is all cleanable and you are fostering a love of the visual arts in your young child!

I would love to hear how your craft box is coming together and what you choose to place in it!

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