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Posted by Dani Gurrie in Blog, Mid Week Minute, Picks of the Week, Picks of the Week on Thu, May 8, 2014

burnieFor some of you that know my family you may have remembered that we brought two dogs with us on our move from Melbourne, Australia to the US. They were the first “kids” for Ashley and I. And, in all honesty, they were the first dogs I had ever owned from puppy until they passed. (I have always had dogs, but all of them were eventually absorbed into family pets and lived long, amazing lives at my family’s small farmette!)

Sadly, a year ago, we had to have Arizona put down (Diego was 7 months previous).

I needed the break from being a dog owner for a while. The kids had their activities and it was nice to not have to rush back home or worry about making sure they could get outside. Especially as they got older…it got harder and harder for them to be home by themselves for an extended period of time.

However, in the back of my mind, I was always a dog-person…and about 3 months ago, the kids started asking, “When are we getting another dog?” and “Can we PLEASSSSSEEE get another dog?”

Finally, we told Cooper to start researching what kind of dog he’d want and within hours he came back with a list! That led Ashley and I to start our own research….and here we are…

burnie 2I am not one to encourage people to go out and acquire a pet, however, if you are looking to add to your family, we highly recommend the Lonely Hearts Animal Rescue. If you have any spare towels, or can foster pups (you need a large concrete area or large yard), then they’d love your help!

I also wanted to mention PetSmart…I hadn’t realized that they stopped selling dogs (which I am very happy about). They now assist many foster programs and have “Open Adoption” days (the next one in Frederick is coming up on May 17th, I think)…when we completed our adoption, we were given a book filled with great coupons from PetSmart which I really appreciated. We were able to equip ourselves with food, chew toys and a new bed for practically nothing! So, yay to PetSmart for that!

You can check out the pups that are currently waiting to be adopted, or fill out an adoption application.

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