When Goddard kids play, toys for tots win.

Posted by Jessica Upchurch in Blog, Picks of the Week on Thu, Jan 16, 2014

010914 055A few days ago I was contacted and told about a toy test done by the Goddard Systems Inc., at first I  thought,“Here we go another media packet. But then I got a chance to speak to Cheryl, aMom of 3, and Director of The Goddard School in Frederick, andrealized this was a lot more than that. 

Cheryl is also a mom of three, and I am not sure about you guys but what better person to select to about specific toys than an educator and Mom?

A kid! That is just what Goddard did. They tested an array of toys for kids ages 6 months to 6 years, and Cheryl’s own 4 year old 010914 046son was one of the expert testers. 

His and Moms favorite was the Squigz, he loved it because it stuck to almost every surface. Mom loved it because it transcended the wonderful realms of interest so little toys donow,no batteries, no loud sirens, and the best part it was a car toy and a house toy.

Cheryl loves it so much it ended up being a Christmas gift for her son. She says she knew it was a great toy when, that wonderfully scary toddler silence took over her car while on the way to an aunts house, she glimpsed back and there he was quietly stacking the Squigz on the car window. Her “awesome mom decision” was confirmed when they got to her aunt’s house, and even the 16 and 14 year old cousins couldn’t resist playing and sticking the Squigz to a glass top table.  I don’t kn010914 053ow about anyone else but as far as I am concerned any toy that can boot a teenager off their hand held device for more than 2 minutes, gets my vote. This test is the real deal! 

This is just one of the 22 toys the kids got to play with. The toys were then put up for a public vote via social media. The top ten were selected, and the best part was the Goddard school purchased 100 of the number one toy, Tobbles Neo by Fat Brain Toys, and donated them to Toys for Tots. 

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