Shaving Cream Art

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Things you’ll need to make Shaving Cream Art


Cookie sheet or low sided baking pan

Shaving cream – foam, not gel


Card stock cut so it fits in pan and is narrower than squeegee

Liquid food colors or tempera paint, 2-4 colors

A chopstick, craft stick, toothpick or plastic knife

Optional: Paper towels or rags and water for clean up



  1. Apply shaving cream to the pan so that you can make a layer that is a little wider than your card stock sheet and about ½” (1.25cm) thick.


  1. Drop about 8-10 drops of food coloring on the shaving cream layer.


  1. Use a stick or toothpick to swirl through the shaving cream and color drops to spread the color out in streaks across the shaving cream. (swirl the color)


  1. Lay the cardstock on the shaving cream and gently press to make sure the cardstock contacts the colored areas.


  1. Peel the cardstock off the shaving cream and lay on a clean area of the pan.


  1. Scrape the squeegee across the cardstock to remove the shaving cream, leaving the color behind.


  1. Set the painted cardstock aside to dry.  If the paper starts to curve or curl, you may wish to put a book or pan on top to flatten it out before it dries.



If you are careful, you can swirl the shaving cream again after the first printing and use it again, possibly even 2 times.  Over swirling causes the colors to grow blurry.

-Use a paper towel or rag to clean off your squeegee after each use.  Rinsing the squeegee and drying it also works well.

-If you find that the shaving cream sticks to the squeegee when you’re spreading it, you can also use an icing knife.



Food colorings can stain skin and clothing.  Wear protective smocks and use washable paint if you’re concerned about staining your clothes.


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