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washington dc birthday party

washington dc birthday party

When a child that’s close to you is excited about celebrating a birthday, he or she may get the sense that the day is not as big in everyone else’s mind. But kids birthdays are big deals. Do you remember when you were a kid? Your birthday was like your very own Christmas.

Do you remember your 10th birthday?

It wasn’t the beginning of the teenage years, nor was it a quinceanera or Sweet 16. And it didn’t provide new privileges, like a driver’s license or the right to vote. But you were nonetheless anticipating attention and presents. And that’s exactly what a 10th birthday is: a day for awesome presents!

But kids love to feel that their landmarks are important too.  Turning 10 feels the same way to some kids that 20 or 30 feels to adults (or at least the positive part of turning 30).  But many children this age don’t quite know how to express the impact that the birthday is having on them, so it becomes incumbent on the adults in his or her life to recognize it.

Ten is a landmark birthday to many kids, and adults need to take note.  On top of deciding whether you should attend if your own child is invited, you’ve got to cook up a great gift idea.

Why not recognize the next step through “tweenhood” with a personalized gift?  Here are some thoughts on why a custom gift can really make a big bang for a kid hitting double digits, and make life a little simpler for you too.

It Instills the Idea of Thoughtful Giving

You learn to speak by hearing others speak.  You learn to dance watch someone else making the moves.  So it follows that you learn to be a thoughtful gift giver by receiving meaningful presents from others.

When you give a considerate gift to a young person, you are not just showing him or her your feelings, you’re also providing a bit of social education about how someone in your position shows regard for someone in the child’s position.  The child internalizes that lesson and emulates your behavior as an adult.

It Provides a Spark of Maturity

Giving a nice personalized gift isn’t some subversive trick to accelerate the aging process of a child whose parents are already wistful for the younger days.  But child development is a constant process of introducing them to things that are appropriate for upcoming life phases.  Babies work from milk to solid food.  Teens get a few driving lessons in the parking lot.  And forty-somethings start looking at retirement villages.

Whatever examples of transition you may choose, the upshot of it in this context is that a ten-year-old child can start to learn about receiving and caring for things they can expect to keep for many years rather than plastic toys that wear out.

An Idea for This Year Can Give You an Idea for Next Year

The age of ten is a time when a lot of kids develop an interest in collecting something.  If you’ve been able to latch on to a theme or topic that is interesting to the newest ten-year-old in your life, you can start them on a theme that you can follow in subsequent years.

Girls may take interest to porcelain dolls, Christmas ornaments, or stuffed animals, while boys might want personalized sports items or even tools.

Starting this habit not only creates some anticipation about what next year’s gift will be, it also gives you a nice head start on that item.  Chances are, if it was a hit for them at age ten, it’ll still strike pay-dirt at eleven.

The age of ten is a time of transition.  If you’re in the position of buying for a child at this transitional age, take a little time to consider some options for nice personalized gifts that will make it more than just the end of a first decade.

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