Self Storage Equals Self Sufficiency

Posted by Dani Gurrie in Articles on Sat, Jun 29, 2013

selfstorageThank goodness for apartments, right?  There’s no better option for those starting out in life or relocating frequently than a place where there’s no grass to mow and somebody else will come fix the furnace.

Of course, apartments have one key limitation – space.  Even in a big Midwestern city in Kentucky with plenty of land, a small apartment is a small apartment. A wisely-designed apartment has plenty of room for your housewares and your clothing. However, if you accumulate large, bulky items for prepping, work, or education, there may not be enough square footage to fix you up.

Even if you were willing to find a bigger place to accommodate all those items, it hardly seems to be worth the extra cost.  After all, your plastic totes full of Star Wars figures really don’t need to be stored on beautifully finished hardwood.  Concrete is just fine.

When it comes to disaster preparedness–be it for weather, the economy, or any other overwhelming crisis–you need to have a wide array of potentially bulky supplies close at hand and ready to grab.  When the opportunity to stock up on critical items materializes, you must have space for it to make it worthwhile.

But where’s that?  You need a place that’s affordable, big, and reasonably close by, just in case you want a midnight visit with your vintage Chewbacca–or if the 11pm news reveals an imminent disaster.

The obvious solution is self-storage, and many cities like Louisville, KY even offer discount storage for residents.  It provides all the advantages of Dad’s basement without the guilt trip.  In addition, all your disaster preparedness supplies are at a manageable distance, and safely secured.  If you’re on hurricane row or in the crosshairs of a blizzard, a quick trip to your storage unit will have you set for the impending crisis.

People are instinctively concerned about taking any kind of valuables away from their immediate control.  We worry that our items may be damaged or stolen while they’re away, and we dislike the hassle of a trip to go get it.  We also prefer to have critical prepping items at arm’s reach.

But those fears aren’t well founded.  Quality self storage facilities are climate controlled.  That means your sensitive belongings won’t be subjected to drastic temperature swings or humidity fluctuations, the kind of environmental factors that can ruin the more fragile items.  If you’ve ever had belongings damaged by a water leak, self storage even has the added benefit of no plumbing.

You will be the only one with the lock, so there’s no risk that the users of neighboring units might take a moment to peruse your belongings.  And in case you’re concerned about more aggressive robbers, a good storage facility will be fenced, lit, and attended by an on-site resident manager who will keep an eye on things.  A burglar who can navigate barbed wire and heavy padlocks is probably more likely to break into homes than self storage.

Don’t sweat the drive, either.  Self-storage facilities are so numerous now that even rural areas are a short drive from one.  Even a relatively fast moving disaster can be weathered with goods kept in storage.

Storing your things somewhere besides your apartment is a handy way to keep your place less cluttered.  It also keeps you from having to move just to get more room for your goods.  Check into self storage and check your things out of your apartment, and check yourself out for disaster preparedness.

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