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Posted by Dani Gurrie in Articles on Tue, Jun 11, 2013

eco green construction remodelingContractors in today’s world have to be much more focused on the “green” way of living. This is the new wave for many reasons. When it is time to help a family to upgrade their home you want to give the plans that include eco-friendly concepts.

The most important thing when renovating is the budget they have to work with. The second most important thing should be how eco-friendly the updates are. Whether you are conscious of the environment or you could care less, having “green” updates can add a little more “green” to their pockets come time to sell. If you find that your client is not in tune with the environmental needs that alone could be a selling point on your services.

One step you won’t want to skip when planning this remodel is an assessment of their home-energy. Find a company that specializes in this and find out exactly what needs to be changed within their home. This professional will tell you how the home uses energy and where the biggest wastes are occurring. In many cases this will help them to figure out if they qualify for an energy upgrade grant. A grant is a way to add income to your business while allowing them to make more updates than originally planned.

Encourage them to speak with their local energy providers to back you on why they should switch to green. Have them visit sites such as to help them figure out what will work best for their space. They will provide them with tips on going green while saving money.

Since the budget is the most important aspect of this change, it is important to think big, but start with small changes. They probably aren’t going to get everything they want. If the most important part of their upgrades is the bathroom, start there. Encourage them to find recycled materials for everything from flooring to cabinets all the way down to light fixtures. Present them with some ideas and give them the opportunity to find things they may like better. Take this approach to all rooms that are receiving updates.

Many who find themselves in this position are anxious to add solar panels which are the most efficient use of heating water, but this can be an expensive update. If this isn’t going to fit into their budget, recommend an on-demand water heater. This is an efficient way to use gas. By using this method, they will be able to do more cosmetic updates throughout the rest of their home.

To put it simply, when putting your focus on the environment while trying to give your clients home a fresh new look, you want to start with the small things. Select the best versions of the must haves and from there add as their budget allows. Be upfront with the costs and time it will take you to complete this project and listen to their needs and desires.

Are they looking for a facelift more or are they more interested in the environmental aspect? Whatever the answer is, go with that as the utmost importance. If your customer wants a facelift, recommend recycled wood for floors and cabinets that would be a quick fix when trying to open up a space or even to simply make it look more modern.

Upgrading to an energy efficient green way of living is a personal choice and there may be many reasons to do so. But to be realistic about it, there really aren’t any negatives to this change with the exception of the initial costs. Reminding your customers that the initial costs come with future savings may make them more apt to go with your suggestions.


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