Meet A Mom from Walkersville, Maryland

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Name: Lori Sue

Hometown: Walkersville, MD

Meet the family: I am blessed to be happily married to Mike, the love of my life. I am also mom to five beautiful children and two wonderful stepchildren. My kids are Luke, 22, Katalina, 18, Alex,17 and twin 4 year olds, Dylan and Darian. My bonus kids are Megan, 13 and Ryan, 12. We have a sweet doggie, a lab mix named Lacie who I like to call our furry marshmallow because the kids just love on her all day and she loves it!

Occupation: Slumber Parties Consultant and Home Day Care Provider

Twitter ID: @Loriasioux

Home Base definite “Must Do’s”: Walkersville Southern Railroad, Fountain Rock Nature Center, Walkersville Community Park and many other area parks

Passions and Interests: I love reading and photography as well as writing, “One day” I’d like to actually complete that novel I’ve been talking about for decades. I love camping and spending time with my husband and kids, on the rare occasion I can pull all nine of us together at the same time!

Most Controversial Thing About You: I’m on my third marriage. It’s definitely my final one, lol. I can laugh at myself about it now but truthfully it’s been a long journey getting here. I married my high school sweetheart at 19 before I knew who either of us was destined to be. Then I married a sweet and dependable man who I cared very deeply for but later had to admit we weren’t in love and had both settled. Finally two years ago I married my current husband who is everything I ever dreamed of in a husband and I thank God every day for leading us to one another. It feels like a miracle. <3 There have been some who have cast judgment upon these decisions of mine but I have always done my best to follow my heart and make my children my first priority. I am so blessed to say that we are all healthy, happy, well adjusted and that none of us has had to compromise anything to get where we are as a family.

Biggest Pet Peeve: My biggest pet peeves are poor spelling and improper grammar! Those drive me crazy! Lol!

One Major Goal You’d Like to Achieve: Right now I am buried in a hundred different things, as usual! I am trying to get my twin boys’ special needs diagnoses completed so that I have a firm understanding of their physical/emotional/educational needs, especially since they will be going to kindergarten next fall. I am considering home schooling. I just launched a new business and am working toward building a team so that I can have more time to focus on my family. We are also searching for a new home, so we are trying to get organized for a yard sale and the upcoming move. Topping those issues with supporting and worrying about a young adult who’s just left home, a sophomore in college, a senior in high school, and two middle schoolers, well, there is never EVER a dull moment!

Best Advice You Ever Received: Oh gosh where do I start? Never go to bed angry with your spouse! In a relationship, if something is broken, fix it, don’t throw it away! Marry only for love and nothing else! The greatest thing you can teach your children is to have integrity, the greatest thing you can do for them is to love them unconditionally! I could go on and on! If only I’d followed all of the great advice I’ve been given during my lifetime!

What Are You Reading? At the moment I’ve just started “Potatoes Not Prozac” by Kathleen DesMaisons as recommended by an awesome counselor.

Favorite Kids-Friendly Eatery: CiCi’s pizza or Chuck E Cheese. I know these are old favorites but we love the buffet setting at Cici’s and the little game room where the kids are happy to play around even once they are out of change. Chuck E Cheese is always wonderful because the kids are safe and can literally run wild while you chat it up with the hubby or some girlfriends.

Go-To Family Dinner Recipe: Tuna Casserole (click the link for details and instructions)

Favorite Family Activities: We love the beach, camping, anything outdoors. We especially love going to Cunningham Falls State Park in Thurmont, MD and swimming in the lake and climbing the falls. If it were practical we would move to the coast of South Carolina, but our extended family keeps us here! We also love watching movies together and going on road trips, sometimes with no destination in mind! My husband and I enjoy taking trips. We sometimes plan ahead and have been to places like Nashville and on a cruise to the Bahamas, and occasionally we take impromptu weekend trips to Ocean City, Delaware, West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina.

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