Mom of the Week from Bethesda, MD

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Mom of the Week

Name: Shannon

Hometown: Bethesda, MD

Meet the family: Hubby – an overworked lawyer who likes to cook and lets me sleep in on weekends. Braden – almost 4 year old who is full of spunk (warning – has a devlish side.) Casey – almost 2 year old who cracks me up just about all the time (except at 2 am – I’m not laughing then.) Couscous- 5 year old “Cavapoo” who is still getting over being replaced as the baby in the family.

Occupation:  Stay at home mom; occasional freelance lawyer.

Personal Website/Blog:

Twitter Id: @DoHaveLawDegree

Home Base definite “Must Do’s”: 1) Stroll the shops of downtown Bethesda –

2) Take the kids for on a miniature train ride  –

3) Ride the historic carousel at Glen Echo Park –

Passions and Interests: Since leaving my job, I have rediscovered my love of writing.  Writing my blog has been incredibly cathartic and inspiring, and almost a year and a half later, it is still going strong.  I dream about writing a book some day, but so far I haven’t managed to put pen to paper.  I guess we’ll see.

Most controversial thing about you: Oh jeez.  Lots of things.  But the thing that I seem to be judged for the most often is my decision to leave a high paying legal job to stay at home.  Some people commend me for knowing my priorities and putting my family first.  Others tell me that I am crazy to “depend on a man” and waste and education and that I am doing a disservice to women everywhere.  My response is always: to each his own.  People have to do what is right for them. 

Biggest pet peeve: When my kids go to the beach and get sand in every single crevice of their bodies. 

One major goal you’re striving for: Figuring out what I should be striving for.  And decluttering our hall closet. 

Favorite blog/website:

Best advice you’ve ever received: Live in the moment.

What are you reading? What is your favorite book? The kindle has changed my book reading life – I am pretty much always reading something.  A great book I read recently is Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea, by Barbara Demick.  The book consists of separate stories delving into the background of individuals who have escaped North Korea.  I don’t normally read books so heavy, but it was absolutely fascinating and gave me a good dose of humility.

Favorite kid friendly restaurant: Clyde’s in Friendship Heights, DC.  They have a great kids menu and a toy train that runs on tracks throughout the restaurant.  That keeps my son entertained for about 2 minutes.

What is your go-to family dinner? Cornflake Chicken

- Coat chickent breasts in cornflake crumbs, and place on cooking sheet (line sheet with tin foil).

- Spread Creamy Italian dressing over the top of the chicken breasts with a spoon.

- Bake at 450 degrees for 30-45 minutes.

Easy peasy.

What types of activities do you like to do as a family? We all love swimming, so the local pool is our staple during the warm months.  In the winter, we dream about the pool.  And go out to eat a lot.

What do you do when you have some alone time away from the kids? My husband and I are foodies, so we love to go out to eat when we get the chance.  Luckily the Bethesda area has lots of restaurant options to sample!

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