How to Make Thank You Cards Using Your Child’s Handprint

Posted by simplystavish in Blog, craft ideas on Wed, Aug 1, 2012

There are few things that my mom taught me that I have carried with me into adulthood, including “always send a thank you card”. Every year after the holidays and birthdays I sit down and write thank you cards. They typically don’t get done until way later than I would like, but it’s the thought that counts. Not how prompt they are. In the past, I have just hand written a note on a basic thank you card. This year I decided to get the boys involved in the process. It’s never to early to teach them about gratitude. Instead of buying thank you cards, I decided to let the little guys get creative and messy with finger paint. After all, what preschooler and toddler doesn’t love splattering paint all over the kitchen?

To make your own thank you cards here is what you need:

* Blank greeting cards (your choice of color)
* Scrapbook stickers for letters
* (1) 4X6 Photos for each card
* Non-toxic finger paint
* White cardstock paper
* Glue
* Paper cutter

Directions :
1. Paint your child’s hand and press onto white cardstock. Paint the other hand and repeat.

2. While the paint on the handprints are drying, cut the 4 X 6 photos to the appropriate size using the paper cutter.

3. Glue the picture to the front of the blank greeting card and use the scrapbook letters or draw “Thanks”.

4. Once the handprints are dry, cut out and glue to the inside of the greeting card.

5. Write a thank you message on the inside of the card.

6. Address the card and your done!

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