Laurie’s Lesson Plans – Week 3

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This summer is flying by! Can you believe we are in the first week of July already? In my family we are making the most of our summer vacation by combining fun activities, events, and learning. Every outing is a teaching opportunity. While grocery shopping, have your younger kids help you count the items you place in your cart or identify the green vegetables in the produce isle. Older kids can practice adding totals and weighing produce. A trip to the museum is a fun way to learn about history but it can also be an exercise in map reading. Have your child help you navigate your trip, whether it be walking, driving, or taking the Metro.

You can also use what is happening outside to inspire a lesson. Over the past week we had some pretty serious thunderstorms in the Washington DC Metro area, and the news is full of coverage of the Colorado Wildfires so I decided it would be a good week to talk about Fire Safety. By making a map of your home and marking all of the possible exits, you will help your child be prepared in case of an emergency, as well as become aware of any potential weak spots in your family emergency plan. Make it fun as well as educational by helping your child decorate their map and hang it up where it can be viewed regularly.

Remember, these lesson plans can be adjusted for children of any age. By browsing the learning websites I link to in my lesson plan you can find activities and worksheets for children of any age and grade level. Pinterest is also a great resource for summer learning materials.

Have fun, before you know it back-to-school ads will be everywhere and we’ll be wondering where our summer went!

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Week 3 – The Weather

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Laurie’s Lesson Plans

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