Kidless – week 1

Posted by Dani Gurrie in Blog on Fri, Jul 13, 2012

So, Ashley and I have been without kids for just over a week. Yes, that is now “out there in the universe.”

I really should have started by saying – I adore my kids. I truly do. But having time to yourself and as a couple is an amazing gift that every parent should be given.

How did this come about you wonder? How did we get so lucky? Well, a couple of weeks ago we flew to Australia, enjoyed a lovely wedding, spent some time with family and then came home – with no kids! (For those that don’t know – Ashley is from Australia, the kids were born there and I am a dual-citizen and lived there for just over 7 years.) Actually – we have really technically been “kid-less” a little longer since the entire time we were in Australia the kids stayed at my in-laws and Ashley and I stayed some place else!!

So what I have I done with this amazing gift I was given…ummm….Since being home I have honestly not done much at all. The house was cleaned and hasn’t needed much cleaning since. The dishes are done and hardly any are being dirtied. Last weekend – I got the chance to do “nothing” which was nice after a long trip. Jet lag can be a real downer – so due to the fact I didn’t have to do anything, I was able to recover quite quickly and get right back on track. (Ashley wasn’t so lucky on that one!) I have spent time writing in my journal, hanging with friends (did you read about us going to the movies??) and simply loving my kids – from afar!! I do have some laundry to finish up but without “little miss fashion plate” here changing her clothes every two minutes there’s hardly any of that either!

Of course modern technology means that we can Skype and email and share photos…which is wonderful. Our first Skype was Friday night – the kids were with their Auntie and new Uncle at their “caravan” (camper) enjoying a lovely winter weekend away. About 2 minutes into the conversation, Brodie puts on her bike helmet and leaves to go play with a friend. I crack up and yell “Bye” to her back as she’s walking out…”See ya Mom” she yells back! I realized then that I have raised my kids to be exactly what they’ve become. Perfectly content and happy to be with family and friends even 1/2 a world away.

So, I shall now spend the next two weeks getting things done – it’s not that I can’t do it when they’re here – more it’s about I don’t want to do when they’re here. Because when they’re here – there’s other stuff to do!

A huge thank you to my in-laws – we can’t wait until you’re all here and for the next adventures which lie ahead!!

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