12 Weeks of Summer – Week One!

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Summer Fun List – The Beach

Summer has officially arrived! Yes, I know summer doesn’t technically start for a couple of weeks but for my family it started this week. I decided to kick of my Summer Fun List with a trip to Rehoboth Beach, DE. Each week for the 12 weeks of summer my Summer Fun List will include a Do-it, Make-it, Cook-it, and Read-it. The theme for this week is beach inspired:

Do-itRides on the Boardwalk – This was an easy one. I’ve been looking forward to taking my Boo Boo on his first ride for months. He had such a blast. I worried that he might be nervous or scared to get on the rides by himself (he is not quite 3) but he jumped on to the first ride without blinking. The smile on his face says it all…

Make-itHomemade Sunscreen – I recently read an article warning about the dangers of some of the chemicals in sunscreen and I was shocked. Apparently what is supposed to be helping us is actually hurting us. I went out and bought some of the ‘safe’ sunscreen but I was intrigued by the idea of making my own. Can’t get more natural than that, right?

I’m not sure how I feel about the end product. I had to order a pretty big bag of powdered zinc oxide (found on Amazon) and the recipe only called for 5 tsps. So, I’m now in search of some other uses for zinc oxide powder if anyone has any suggestions. The coconut smell wasn’t bad, and we didn’t get sunburned, which was the point. But, all things considered, while the product worked fine, it was more investment (time and money) than I think it was worth. I’ll probably just stick to Alba (on sale for $4.99 at Wegmans!) next time.

Cook-it- There isn’t much you can cook while on vacation at the beach. But when life gives you lemons you Make Lemonade, right??? So I did. We took a huge pitcher of it to the beach on Sunday. And it was GOOD.

Read-it “Stella, Star of the Sea” by Marie-Louise Gay. This is a super cute kids’ book all about a little boy and his first trip to the beach. We read this as a bedtime story every night for a week before we headed for the beach. I’m not sure how much of it sunk in with my son, when we got to the beach it took me an hour to get him off of the blanket and on to the sand. And he wasn’t going anywhere near the ocean, not even kicking and screaming (and I tried.)

Overall, our Summer Fun List is off to a pretty good start and there is much, much more to come! Stay tuned for next week’s list, which will be all about summer cook-outs. We have 11 weeks of this summer to go and our list is long. Follow along all summer as Caelum and I attempt to do everything on it. Join us and post pictures of you completing your activities and maybe I’ll feature them on this blog! For more ideas on how to create your own Summer Fun List visit us on Pinterest.

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