10 Tips for Capturing your Best Photos with Children

Posted by ReginaBenbow in Articles on Thu, May 24, 2012

10 Tips for Capturing your Best Photos with Children

Since becoming a mother and having 3 children I’m always  taking photos and trying to get every moment on film. Over the years I’ve became very good and now have even started my own photography business recently. You don’t need to be a photographer or spend hundreds on a camera to get great photos. I’ve came up with a few tips that might help anyone with any kind of camera.

Let me share 10 tips that I’ve learned:

1. Document vs. Portrait
Getting moments of ‘firsts’ are sometimes better then a posed portrait. First moments with mom, first bath, first time riding a bike, first time meeting friends and family, and going to school.

2. Go Macro
Toddles and babies have many cute body parts, there is so many to isolate and get a single shot of like a hand, ear, foot, mouth etc.

3. Take out the Color
Turning a colored photo to black and white format can soften your shots. Babies are soft little things and taking the color out in this way accentuates this.

4. Choose the Right time
Choose the time for your photo session wisely by taking into account their nap schedule, eating times, etc. Make sure your little one is well rested and happy. If your photo is being taken outdoors, the time of day can be crucial as well. Harsh light will be unflattering and cause squinting.

5. Bribery
Bribery can go a long way in ensuring a good photo. Whether you have a few treats tucked away for good behavior or you reward in hugs and kisses.

6. Capture a different angle
Think outside the box, try shooting your photo from a different angle then you would typically think of. You don’t necessarily need to focus on the face and it can still tell a wonderful story. For example take a photo of a brother and sister walking down a path holding hands as they walk away.

7. Background
Pay extra attention to your background. Sometimes a background can ruin the picture.

8. Capture Different Expressions
Try to capture the tears, when they are serious, happy and other expressions. Make it fun by giving them a book or toys.

9. Follow
Follow your child. They move fast so always be ready with your camera to capture their movements.

10. Keep Pressing the Shutter Button
Keep taking photographs. It doesn’t matter how many photos you take because digital camera can take a lot, practice makes perfect. Choose the best and print it.

Enjoy taking photos with your kids!

About Regina Benbow

Regina is a stay-at-home mom and photographer from Hagerstown, Maryland. She is the owner of Regina Benbow Photography.

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  1. Patti Woodworth

    Regina I’m so proud of you, and you will go far just keep on believing in yourself.

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