Want to Have the Best Birthday Party? Win A Princess Party With Princess Parties Virginia!

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If your life is anything like mine, you are spinning in a constant whirlwind of kids and school projects and driving in traffic and laundry. And trying to get some work done. And maybe sleep once in a while? My kids come home every day saying, “I want a playdate with ___.” I could never bend the calendar to all their whims and social butterfly fantasies. There aren’t enough weekend hours in their entire childhoods.

So a few years ago, my family started having not-birthday parties. Let’s just invite all the kids over at once! In the summer, we’ve done this by filling up a bunch of inflatable pools in the backyard, jerryrigging a few sprinklers, and having “pool” parties. I’d buy a case of ice pops for the kids, and another one of beer for their parents, and we’d fulfill a season’s worth of playdate begging in an afternoon. But summer is still too far off, and my kids are too good at making friends, or something. So this past Sunday, we tried something a little different:

Cinderella came to our house. We had a princess party!

Cinderella came to us via Princess Parties Virginia, but none of our girls cared about the explanations for how a famous princess came to be ringing our doorbell. They just wanted to dance with Her Majesty.

Cinderella danced and sang with all the girls. She held a Royalty Ceremony, where she pronounced “bibbety-bobbety-boo!” over each girl with a sprinkling of fairy dust, and transformed them into Real Princesses. She even signed certificates attesting to their Royal Status, and every girl received a royal scepter (sparkly, of course) with her certificate. Our two-year-old son, the one boy in attendance, was made into a knight.

Cinderella continued the girls’ transformation by providing face paint and nail polish, and she posed with each girl for photographs, because those (parent) paparazzi are always chasing royalty around!

My own two princesses and their dozen princess friends had a fantastic afternoon. And I know the party was a hit, because teachers from both kindergarten and preschool told me that the party was all anyone talked about on Monday.

If you’re thinking about best birthday party ideas (or some non-birthday ones), maybe you’d like a visit from a princess?

You can win your very own princess party from Tots2Tweens!

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment telling us who your favorite princess is and you’ll be entered to win your very own princess party which will include:

1) Grand Entrance:  Singing/Dancing princess songs (15-20 minutes)

2) Anointment Ceremony:  Magic wish with fairy dust, magic wand for birthday girl, personalized certificates for each guest (princess/knight certificates)  (10 minutes)

3) Photos with Princess:  Individual/Group photos may be taken with princess by parents (10 minutes)

4) Face Painting for each guest (30-40 minutes)

5) Cake:  Help singing, “Happy Birthday” & help cutting/serving the cake to guests (10 minutes)

90 minute show, valid for 10 children (value $275)

Fun, no?!


Super excited about winning and want some extra chances?!  For two additional entries, go ahead and share this post on Facebook (be sure to tag Tots 2 Tweens so we know you did it!) and Tweet, “I just entered to win a princess part from Princess Parties VA on @tots2tweens & you can too! http://tots2tweens.com/?p=6386″

(Necessary disclaimer: Princess Parties Virginia provided my girls with a princess party in exchange for my writing of this post. The party was provided but the blog content was not – it’s all mine, and we had so much fun.)

Robin blogs about the intersection of self and family at The Not-Ever-Still Life. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, and all over the place.

About robin w

Robin blogs about the intersection of self and family at The Not-Ever-Still Life. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, and all over the place.

5 Responses to “Want to Have the Best Birthday Party? Win A Princess Party With Princess Parties Virginia!”

  1. With 4 little princesses in attendance (and the twins turned 3 today) our royal court would love to host a real princess. Our favorites include Ariel, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Belle (we are an equal opportunity princess loving family). This would be fun to win!

  2. Mommy08

    Our favorite princess is Belle (right now) in our house. She is all my 3 year old talks about. She loves all The princess but Belle is the Fav.


  3. caitlyn

    My little girls favorite princess is cinderella. She’s so nice and beautiful. I would love to light up my babys face when she sees a princess in her home.

  4. Most parents prefer this type of invitation because of its uniqueness. Take a picture of your little princess and print it on the front of the invitation. After all, it is her birthday.You can also visit: http://tiny.cc/Kids-christmas-party

  5. Bless my Daughter

    I would love to win a princess party for my daughter. I have been out of work this year due to medical reasons SO I really need help with making a great Birthday for her. Her favorite Princess’ are Elsa, Belle and Cinderella.

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