Earth Friendly Craft Supplies From Your Recycle Bin

Posted by Thien-Kim Lam in Blog, craft ideas on Thu, Apr 19, 2012

Toilet paper roll town by BobbyProm

Keep the planet green by digging through your home and recycling bin for craft supplies. Not only is it environmentally friendly, recycled crafts are budget friendly. It’s fun to see kids think outside the box. Just last night, my daughter saw a piece of cardboard from a 12 pack of soda and exclaimed “It’s a couch!” Once I looked at it through her eyes I could see a couch, but before it was just a piece of cardboard.

So start rescuing the following supplies from your recycle bin and see what creations your children will make!

  • Toilet paper or paper towel rolls are just begging to become crafts. They magically turn into binoculars, telescopes or rain sticks.. Your knight in shining armour can create his own sword before he fights the dragon.
  • Empty tissue or shoe boxes can be the base for dioramas, homes for dolls, or turned into a secret spy message box. They can also be painted and turned into animal feet or silly shoes.
  • Egg cartons are perfect for squeezing out small amounts of paint. You can ration out supplies like stickers and googly eyes by using half an egg carton as an organizer. They can also be cut apart, painted, and become building blocks of a castle or caterpillar.
  • Fabric scraps are perfect for creating blankets, doll clothes, even flags.  Scraps can be glued to boxes as decoration or embellishments as well. Supply older children with needle and thread so they can sew something from their imagination.
  • Yarn or string has multiple uses as well. It can become hair for a puppet or the pull for a drawbridge. Kids can make bracelets or teach themselves how to finger knit. My daughter enjoys making pulleys to lug heavy things up her bunk bed.

The simplest items like empty boxes or fabric scraps give children a blank canvas to create. To keep these items from cluttering up your craft area, limit how many of each item you want to have on hand. As your child uses them up, you’ll know exactly where to find replacements.

Photo by BobbyProm via Flickr Creative Commons

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