Big Broadway Birthday for Kids

Posted by Dani Gurrie in Articles on Tue, Apr 17, 2012

If your kid is a “Broadway Baby” and loves to sing and dance, this Broadway Birthday Party idea is possibly the perfect one for him or her.  It is very easy to plan and just needs a few things for you to be able to put on a perfect themed party for them.

1.  A karaoke machine or internet connected computer

2.  Tissue paper and large pipe cleaners

3.  A few fun prizes

So if you have those things you are on your way to a perfect broadway birthday party.  Here is how you can do it.

Creating bouquets of fake flowers for the kids.

One thing you think about when a show opens or a star finished a performance is a bouquet of flowers.  By simply taking the tissue paper and wrapping the top of a pipe cleaner around the center of about 3 to 5 pieces, you can fold it up and get it to hold so that you now have large flowers on a pipe cleaner stem that you can wrap in an extra piece of tissue paper for a bouquet.   These bouquets can be used to award performances, saved as a take home gift or even just for fun.

Singing and Performing Karaoke

One thing you think of with Broadway Musicals are people singing showtunes .  Even if you don’t have a karaoke machine, you can still have a showtunes sing off if you have an internet connected computer.  Just log onto and search for your favorite showtune and add the word karaoke to it.  You can find virtually any karaoke version of a song on YouTube and if you can hook the computer up to your TV, you get huge words and possibly better sound.  If you’re computer speakers aren’t loud, you can always go and buy loud ones at an electronics store or some convenience stores for under $40.

Play Writing and Acting

Broadway isn’t just about fun costumes and singing.  The characters have to be able to act as well.  One fun thing you can do is put 5 or 10 themes for a play and give the kids about an hour to create a script, write down queue cards so they can remember it and let them perform for each other.  Then when they are done, they can award the winning team with their bouquets of flowers.

Prizes for the Contests 

Prizes are important, especially when you are dealing with broadway divas.  Some inexpensive broadway themed prizes could be kids bath robes because a diva needs to relax before she goes on stage, a single or bouquet of real flowers, tiaras, fake costume jewelry, a boa, chocolates or even something like a photo session for head shots.  You can usually find specials online for these.


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