Affirmations and the Parent-Child Well-Being

Posted by wholemeprograms in Articles on Wed, Apr 4, 2012

I recently created an Affirmation called “Conscious Bond, Conscious Baby” meant to be something special that parents can print and keep somewhere close to their heart, like their bedside table or even memorized.  But what exactly is an affirmation and how does it contribute to the well-being of the parent-child relationship?

Affirmations are positive, meaningful, and deeply resonating words or statements that are simple and can be repeated.  I like to think of them as short and sweet poems.  A simple online search for the meaning of affirmation resulted in the consensus of “true” or “truisms”.  Affirmations carry great truth and usually start in the first person such as “I AM”.  “I AM Happy”, “I AM Good”, “I AM Whole”, are some short examples.  Also, the word ‘mantra’ from the Yoga tradition is used in a similar manner.  Affirmations have a way to resound peacefulness within and through your body.  It is best to find a quiet moment, close your eyes, tune inside, take a deep breath in, take a deep breath out, then read or say your affirmation in a calm, steady voice.

You will be learning more about my work with the parent-child bond in upcoming articles for Tots2Tweens.  In the meantime and to begin with, I’d like you to download a free copy of my “Conscious Bond, Conscious Baby Affirmation” from my website.  If you are pregnant and expecting, think about how centering yourself with a meaningful intention may not only calm and ground you, but your baby too.  Or imagine reading affirmations together with your partner, tuning into your unborn baby.  Divine!  Or perhaps your children are already citizens of the world and in the rush of the mundane, you take a moment to remember your ever-lasting connection as parent and child with a positive affirmation.  I picture well-being bubbling with endorphins and good vibrations everywhere!  Affirmation: “My baby and I are separate and together for all of time.”

Brigitta White, MS, R-DMT, Founder of The WholeMe! Programs, LLC, Master of Science in Dance Movement Therapy, Registered Dance Movement Therapist through the American Dance Therapy Association, Holistic Family Specialist, Certified in Prenatal Yoga, Conscious Birthing, Children’s Yoga

About Brigitta White

Brigitta is a Holistic Parenting Consultant. She has her Master of Science in Dance Movement Therapy, and she is a Children's Yoga Teacher. Brigitta works with families who have infants using movement, play, dance and music, yoga supported with attachment theory and object-relations theory.

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