5 Easy Ways to Go Green.

Posted by amandar in Blog, Things to do on Wed, Apr 18, 2012

Do you live an ecofriendly lifestyle at your house?!

It’s really not as difficult as you think to make simple changes to your daily behaviors that will go along way to help the Earth stay healthy.

We like to look at it like maintaining body healthy, sure it takes some work, and you have to be committed and diligent and sometimes you really just want to go with the double chocolate, chocolate chip cookie when you should choose the side salad with fat free dressing, but it’s worth it!  In the end, everyone, including you will be happier.

Living an earth friendly lifestyle is like that too.  Sure it might be annoying at first, but you get used to it and before you know it you’re in the habit of taking your reusable bags into the store and turning off the water while you brush.  Plus the Earth and the future generations planning to inhabit it will thank you one day!

Need some tips to get started?

Here are a few!

5 Easy Ways to Go Green Today

1.  Unplug.  No, we’re not saying you should stop reading our blog every day.  No way!  We’re saying that you should take some time to power down and unplug things before you head to bed at night. Don’t worry too much about unplugging your toaster or your computer if it’s powered down.  It’s most important to focus on things that have an LED light because they continue to drain the most power even when switched off.

2.  Shop local.  Everyone loves a Saturday morning at the farmer’s market, right?  Well, making it less about fun and more about survival is a great way to be more green.  Buying local is not just a nice way to support your community and bolster the local economy, it also means that less fuel is being used to truck in goods from out of the are.  So hit up the farmer’s market and buy more than just hot apple cider and jack-o-lanterns; the Earth will thank you and honestly, so will your taste buds!

3.  Upgrade your appliances with Energy Star ones.  No one gets too excited when that 25 year old water heater bursts, and floods your basement, and ruins your furniture, and your carpet, and your life!  But, on the bright side, when it does, it’s a great time to upgrade to a more energy efficient model.  Even if they are a little more pricey out of the box, they often provide long term cost savings that far outweigh this initial burden.  And, saving water and energy make Mother Nature happy too!

4.  Pay online.  To reduce paper waste it’s simple to elect not to receive a paper statement and to make many of your payments via computer as well.  Even shopping online is greener because it eliminates a trip to the store.  And, in today’s digital age where you can find bargains on everything from online groceries to online pet supplies a person could feasibly never drive to a store again.  Although I’m not sure what fun that would be?!  Everyone needs a Target break, right!

5.  Repurpose, reuse, and recycle.  It really does make a big difference.  And also, it’s fun!  Check out these cool repurposed items we found on Pinterest!

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