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It wouldn’t be a proper Blog Awesome Challenge if I didn’t talk about my most favorite jealousy-inducing foodie blogger brethern now, would it?

When you’re new to the blogging world, and you’ve found your niche, it can be really helpful to take some time to stalk watch what others in your niche are doing. Especially those that have grown beyond blogging to doing things like writing cookbooks and appearing in their own television shows…on Food Network!

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In no particular order, here is my list of Top 5 #BlogAwesome Foodie Bloggers:

  1. The Pioneer Woman – The epitome of what every we all hope to become, Ree Drummond is a food blogger extraordinaire. From maintaining a wildly successful food blog, to selling down-home goodness cookbooks, to having her own show on the Food Network, she does it all (while also home-schooling and raising several kids). Beware, cooking for ranch hands (the most handsome of which happens to be her husband whom she’s coined “Marlboro Man” and is a regular feature on the blog and her TV show) means her recipes are full of protein and fat. Maybe not quite as bad as good ole Paula Deen and her vats of butter, but definitely not for the “calorie faint of heart” either. Endearing as always, I love me some Ree. Visit her at, on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.
  2. Grace’s Sweet Life {La Mia Vita Dolce} – Grace and I started our blogs within months of each other, and also found one another on Twitter about the same time. Warm and welcoming, Grace was easy to connect with and we happily shared each the other’s profile on #FollowFriday for months. She’s one of a few that helped me understand the community aspect of Twitter (and I bet she doesn’t even realize)! Anyway, one look at her blogsite and you’ll be sucked in by her photos. When I was still posting awful photos like this (a post I wrote about making Grace’s favorite brownie recipe), Grace was busy posting photos like this (her favorite brownie recipe – which ROCKS). She’s one of the bloggers that made me understand how important taking good photos is for a food blogger. PS: She has a cookbook coming out in print soon! Visit her at, on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.
  3. Boulder Locavore – World traveler foodie, Toni has been embracing eating seasonally and locally for the past couple of years. Now Toni focuses on a super cool twist to your “everyday” recipes with the addition of vintage, throw-back recipes – including an entire section called “Booze”. Bonus? The recipes are all either gluten-free or have a gluten-free alternative, and the photographs are amazing. Visit Toni at, on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
  4. Savory Sweet Life – Alice is a food blogger with a wide reach. Proud to call Ree Drummond a friend, I often get “insider” tips about The Pioneer Woman by way of the Savory Sweet Life blog. Like when PW has a new cookbook coming out, or when her TV show was first announced. Alice’s cookbook comes out this June, and she’s using her Facebook page to chronicle its making, as well as to answer our questions on what happens behind the scenes. I also give credit to Alice for turning me on to one of my favorite food writing resources: “Will Write for Food,” by Dianne Jacob. Visit Alice at, on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
  5. Notes from the Cookie Jar / @ScatteredMom – Karen is a self-proclaimed Twitter addict, and it’s true. She’s there a lot (but I am too – otherwise, how would I know?), and we often connect. Besides wrangling two blogs and a busy life, Karen also has time for something she called “Food Revolution Fridays.” She managed to parlay her blog into a vehicle to promote Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution movement, and every week hosted a twitter party around it. How cool is that? Visit Karen at,  Twitter and Pinterest.

Do you have any favorite foodie bloggers that you’d like to share?

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  1. Kelly

    I LOVE the Pioneer Woman too!!! I actually watch her show every chance I get, but I cannot believe I have not clicked to see her BLOG!! I knew it existed but never took a moment to find it. Will be doing that today! Thanks for the review.

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