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As part of the Blog Awesome Challenge, last week you found out how food blogging became my niche. THIS week I’m gonna share my favorite foodie websites that help me get the job done, as in Blog-Awesome-Foodie-Web-Resources, people!

I would love to tell you that all of my foodie posts come by way of pure inspiration, a magical writing experience where from which no reference can be made, save for my gourmand brain.

Sorry, things just don’t happen that way. Especially in the real world, where writing is a part-time, end of the evening “when the kids go to bed,” kind of thing. You need a kick-start, a push, an idea to get you rolling from…somewhere. Or at least I do.

I often glean writing topics from daily activities like watching television, flipping through a magazine, or listening to the radio. I even find myself coming up with themes based around simple tasks like filling my pantry, or why I’m using a favorite knife. It’s amazing what you can expound upon if given the chance. Even the most seemingly mundane topics can be really funny, when you put pen to paper – er – fingerss to keyboard.

But when that mundane topic doesn’t present itself, or the bon mot isn’t coming to fruition, OR when I need to find information to support something that I have found to write about – these are my top 3 foodie blogger web resources.

  1. FOODBUZZ.COM - If you browse around a lot of food bloggers’ sites, you’ll see a little button above the fold (“above the fold” means placed in the portion of the website that sits high enough that you don’t have to scroll down to find it) that says, “Foodbuzz Featured Publisher.” Foodbuzz is a site to which thousands of food bloggers belong, and many of those have applied to be featured publishers (yes, they approve you – or they don’t). Being a featured publisher has its perks! Not only do I receive the opportunity to try new food samples for free, I also get invited to participate in cool contests geared towards foodies, and I’m part of their ad network. Also? With thousands of bloggers signed up and active on the site, there’s a wealth of information shared about the food world – including an annual Foodbuzz conference out on the west coast.
  2. FACEBOOK – Don’t laugh. It’s true! If you have a business page (a.k.a. fan page) on Facebook, then you hopefully know that you have the ability to change your view and navigate around the Facebook world as your alter-ego, which in my case is (a)Musing Foodie. When I’m in the other view I’m able to message, comment on and like other fan page posts – as (a)Musing Foodie. I’m also able to “Like” other fan pages without having that stream into my personal News Feed. The fan page has its own set of “Likes,” and along with that its own News Feed. The beauty of this is, Facebook has become my foodie info curator by way of the News Feed. I’ve liked a lot of my favorite food-related pages (Saveur Magazine, Food Network, local restaurants, other food bloggers, etc.), and when I view my News Feed I get a nice, timely, relevant stream of what’s going  on right now in the food world, at both the local level and the 30,000 foot view. It’s great!
  3. FOODNETWORK.COM – I really do love reading cookbooks, there’s something really satisfying about flipping through the pages and looking at pictures and recipes in print. Maybe that’s the reason I still don’t have a Kindle, preferring still to read the old-fashioned paper variety. (Okay, that’s SO not the reason, I’d still love a Kindle – the wallet just won’t comply…yet.) But, my go-to web resource for recipes, ingredient-checks, how to’s and other cooking odds and ends is I have a few chefs that I gravitate to like Alton Brown, Giada De Laurentiis and Ina Garten, but a general search on a certain topic yields everything from recipes to articles to videos.

I could probably go on and on about inspiration and resources on the web (Twitter, for example, is another HUGE one), as these three aren’t my only ones. BUT, being mindful of brevity, and the fact that you want to limit most blog posts to between 500 and 700 words (a rule that my last post clearly broke), I’m going to end here.

What are your favorite blogger web resources?

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With her down-to-earth approach to food, and a dash or two of snark, Liza enjoys eating, reading, cooking, dining and writing on a daily basis. By day, she's an insurance professional, by night she gracefully (or not sometimes) barrels through life keeping up with her blog (a)Musing Foodie, other freelance writing jobs, non-profit work, Twitter and Facebook, her kids, her husband, and whatever else happens to fill her plate. Read her blog here:

3 Responses to “Top 3 Foodie Blogger Web Resources”

  1. I loved reading about your inspiration sources. I agree with you, there is something magical about flipping through the pages of a magazine. I use to subscribe to the Rachel Ray magazine and found some great stuff in it for cooking and recpies. I renewed for a few years but then dropped it when I bought a kindle. Now I don’t find time to sit down and read it. Sometimes there is too much social media around!

  2. Ok, your Facebook tip might be my reason for creating a fan page for my blog. Thanks for the reminder about that feature (interacting as your page).

  3. @SimplyStavish – My in-laws got me a subscription to “Food Network Magazine” and I’m enjoying that. It’s like a treat now that I spend so much time online. LOL!

    @Shannon – Interacting as the page is critical, otherwise you’re just a megaphone screaming out on your own wall, hoping people find you. :) Oddly, however, people seem to forget about that feature, or they choose not to use it, or they just never find out about it….

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