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Posted by Thien-Kim Lam in Blog, Blog Awesome Challenge on Thu, Mar 8, 2012

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After spending many late nights reading countless craft blogs, I finally started one of my own in 2006. How hard could it be? If these creative women could do it, so could I. I’m crafty. I’m creative. I always have an opinion.

When I started my (now abandoned) craft blog, I figured I would blog about my business in addition to my crafts. Two rocks with one stone. (How naïve I was!). Even though I envisioned a craft blog, I ended up blogging about random things. There would be some crafts, but I also wrote about food I made, cakes I baked. There were some parenting posts. And a random post about relationship stuff.

For a while, I blogged rather aimlessly. I was having fun, but I had no focus. Then a friend changed my blogging life forever. Back then, Justice Fergie and I belonged to the same moms group. As we carpooled to a moms night out event, she told me about local group blog that she wrote for. This would be my first foray into “mommy blog” type of posts. Thanks to her referral, I was accepted as a writer for the site.

Writing for the group blog changed my life. It sounds dramatic, but it’s true. That’s when I met local bloggers in person. I had no idea such an amazing group existed. When you read someone’s blog, their life looks so much more exciting than mine. In reality, we’re all sitting at our desk late at night, pounding on the keyboards. Being able to socialize with other bloggers inspired me to blog even more.

Again, thanks to Justice Fergie, I attended the inaugural Blogalicious in 2009 (eight and half months pregnant, thank you very much). The conference was just what I needed. I learned a lot. I met many bloggers, whom I still am very friendly with today. As I drove back with Sandie, another DC blogger, she listened to all the new ideas spinning around in my head. It’s a good thing she never got tired of listening to me talk!

A few weeks after my son was born, I created two brand new blogs. I knew exactly what the focus for each would be. Though both blogs are constantly evolving, each has become an outlet for me to share my passions. Cup of Creativi-Tea is all about food, crafts, and being creative. I’m Not the Nanny started off as a parenting blog, but has evolved into multicultural parenting and my obsession for phone apps.

Both blogs make me deliriously happy. I write almost daily for both blogs. Sometimes it’s about something fun. Sometimes I pour my heart out. No matter what I write about, it’s how my writing connects me with others—that’s why I sit at my desk every night to write.

It takes a lot of ideas to write for two blogs. Come back next week and how I stay inspired to write them along with sites like Tots2Tweens.

Photo by  guz_007  via Creative Commons.

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