Finding Inspiration to Blog Everyday

Posted by Thien-Kim Lam in Blog Awesome Challenge on Thu, Mar 15, 2012

Idea Journal by Thien-Kim Lam

Until a little over a year ago, I never thought of myself as a writer. Somehow, in between staring at a blank screen late at night and scraps of paper with hastily scribbled notes, I began to enjoy writing.

For each of my three blogs, I strive to write a post at least three times a week. For I’m Not the Nanny, I aim for five days a week. Some weeks, I can easily write 3 to 5 posts a week. Other weeks, I’m playing on Twitter or Facebook instead.

To combat writer’s block, I created an idea journal. It sounds fancy, but it’s just a blank book that I covered and embellished. It’s small enough to fit into my purse or diaper bag, depending on where I’m going. It has plenty of pages so I’m not afraid to scribble or tear out pages.

I created separate sections in my idea journal for my different blogs. There’s five altogether. Two are for my personal blogs and one for my book club blog. A fourth is for any craft project ideas while the last section is for ideas that don’t fit any of the previous categories.

Inspiration has a habit of striking me when I’m not near my computer. Throughout my day, I would think, “What a cool photo for my blog” or “That’s a great idea for a blog post.”  Maybe seeing my daughter playing on the seesaw reminds me about the ups and downs of working from home. As soon as we get back to the car, I’ll jot it down.  How about those thoughts keeping me awake in bed? Into my idea journal they go. I could use my smartphone to take notes or send myself emails, but I’m old school. I love pen and paper.

Once I capture my thoughts and blog post ideas into the notebook, I know they are safe. I won’t be able to forget them. I save them until writer’s block hit me. I flip through the pages of my journal until one of my scribbles jumps out at me. Don’t worry, one always does.

Ready to start your own idea journal? You don’t have to be crafty like me. Any blank book or notebook will do. Just make sure that it’s sturdy enough to be carried around everywhere you go. Keep it in your pocket, diaper bag, wherever you can easily access it. Oh don’t forget a pen or pencil. I stash those everywhere.

Just because inspiration comes when you’re not ready to write doesn’t mean you can’t make it wait for you.

Photo by Thien-Kim Lam

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Frequently found burning the midnight oil with a mug of coffee, Thien-Kim Lam sneaks in her blogging time after her two young children are in bed. When she’s not blogging or making new friends on Twitter, she’s also a busy running her business as a . Passion Parties rep. Somewhere in between her kids, her husband, and her business she manages to squeeze in some art, some books, and long hot bubble baths. Read more about her Top Chef obsession as well as the fun food and crafts she does with her kids at Cup of Creativi-Tea. Her multicultural parenting musings, tech addiction, and work at home mom tips can be found at I'm Not the Nanny .

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  1. Great idea! I have a little spiral notebook I keep with me…always comes in handy. Your’s is so much prettier though!

  2. That’s a great idea! I tend to email myself my ideas because I am glued to my phone. I could then transfer all the ideas into a journal instead of the emails just sitting in my inbox, never to be looked at again! At the beginning of this year I started a gratitude journal so I think I’ll add it to the journal I write it before bed.

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