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October 5

Yesterday we did our Outlook topics, so we didn’t write. Today, Ms. M isn’t here so I really don’t feel like writing.

October 8

This one is going to be a long one. Saturday night at the C’s party I helped KH home. He was wasted. He threw up outside and was feeling awful. He drove to the party, but I wasn’t going to let him drive home. So, me JL and ER helped him to his car and I got into the passenger seat. So we went behind JL and ER when KH swerved around. I told him to pull over right now before he killed us both. So, he did and I drove him to his house with ER and JL following.( It was a 4 speed.) I did really good – no jack rabbiting or stalling! I am very proud of myself. Anyway, we got him home and into his den when ER and JL cleaned the puke off the side of his car. Gross! Then we left him there. Well Sunday night at about 10:21 I got crank phone calls – saying a bunch of bull I’d rather forget. I found out it was SK and KW. They claimed they had nothing else better to do. I got pissed off and took the phone off the hook for the rest of the night. Today I was pissed and told TF and CC and they were pissed off. Then we thought it was TC (I hate her) but we were wrong. Oh well – mistakes happen. I’m just pissed off about this whole deal. Now I really don’t think I have a chance with KH. Oh well. God will take care of it. I hope so anyway. Just let me – help me – to overcome this anger – and let me forgive – I’ll be hard but…That was today – wild huh? I cut out a lot of details!! Not too important though. I toll SP and CB home today. Talked to SP some. Miracles never cease – he doesn’t like me though. I really don’t think. Oh well. I gave Ms. M my class poem to read and respond to. We have a new descriptive paragraph to do this week in comp.  We had impromptu speeches in AP English – what a pain.

October 9

Ms. M isn’t here right now. She told us she’d be late. We have a descriptive paragraph to do in here. I think mine is going to be on High School Days. This day has been ok. I had to take RG to school – he missed the bus – DG to CY and BG her lunch to work. I was almost late for school. Oh well. I don’t think I missed too much. I have a 96.8% in computer, a C in AP English, a B in comp. and my grades for Psych are A, C, C.

For my essay –

-          Been here since the 7th grade

-          The

Wait. Hold up – describe the sub time –

-          Brunette, hair brushes her shoulders

-          A pale complexion with little “face paint”

-          The look on her face is one of exhaustion, perhaps

  • Not from our class though

LC described her as one who used to be “into” turquoise.

-          Not very old, yet a look of wear in her eyes – from subbing?

-          She needs to do something about her complexion – Stridex is recommended.


October 10

I gave Ms. M my Class poem to read. She said she liked it. I really like it too. JL and I were discussing my Homecoming choices. Not too many. If MD goes to the game on Saturday the 27th I’ll ask him if he’d like to go. Embarrassing. She said RW, DM or SP. This morning she even suggested KO, ER’s friend. I really don’t know who or what I want. Just to go would be fun. I really want to go with MD. I don’t even know if he’s interested. I doubt it. I need a relationship, bad! JL keeps reassuring me that when the time’s right it’ll be worth the wait. But my patience stinks! Oh well. Lord, grant me with MD – I am begging you to help me on this one! Let him show up at the game and really look good. I need your help. He is the one I want and I know you’ll come through for me. Won’t you? I need your time and you’ve got the power. MD is the one I want to get involved in a relationship with.

My day’s are spent alone
Sitting and daydreaming
of my white knight arriving to sweep me off my feet.
Why then do I feel so lonely
Like I’ll never be saved
from this seemingly eternal madness?
I sit and pray every night
For that special someone to enter my life -
But my ears are deafened
with the unanswered silence.


October 12

Well it’s Friday! Everything has been okay. The above “poem” was written yesterday – the words are true – change in topic – Food Fight.

-          Mr. H is not very fair

-          GF and KL each 5 days

-          Basing his punishment on other kids’ word yet if these same kids were in trouble they wouldn’t be believed.

Change – senior pictures


GF and KL

-          AP classes

-          Harsh punishment

School stands for -

Who we are –

-          Since 7th grade

-          We’re not here to change

-          We’re aware it’s wrong – we believe

-          Alternatives

  • Let make up work but –

-          Only goal is to talk

-          Social behavior – bad

-          Treats as we’ve treated

-          He’s not going to get


Coach C’s suggestions

Go in and say – concerned about discipline

Get his attention


SP or JH

What about homecoming

I would really like to be on the court – oh well – dream on

A superlative maybe – most distinctive laugh.

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