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October 15

Cam in early this morning. Had a test in Psych 4th period. I didn’t go to practice Saturday. We won Friday. I was NH’s Homecoming 12-7! SP had an excellent game! I think about him constantly – what am I going to do? I decided to ask JH to the Homecoming – I should, right? I’m so confused – I need some serious help. No school Friday – I can’t wait! I hate Mondays – I really don’t have much to say. I need somebody – BAD.

WS is really ticking me off (the other football manager). He is such a dick – and FW is really getting on my nerves! Coach W just says – Well, he likes you. That’s bullshit! (as he would say). For advanced comp we need a school topic to write about. I have no freakin’ idea what mine will be. I am 7 points from a B in my college class. I’ll take the extra credit test to those I guess. I need at least a B in there. It’s not that it’s so hard – I just tend to slack off sometimes. Oh well. School sucks and I hate it. Good attitude, huh? We need to do something exciting around here. I can’t stand the administration. Mr. H is the biggest dick alive!!

I didn’t elaborate much on last weeks food fight. It was good I heard. I was in this class the time. Oh well. KL and GF got 5 days each! KL misses 2 games. We won Friday without him – that was great! The principal’s should not have taken such harsh actions. This place stinks and it better change quick or my attitude is going to right down the tubes with it! Oh well. Grin and Bear It!

October 16

“May your dreams be your only boundaries.” TL

“No miracles tonight” AC

“If that’s full speed, I’m a jet pilot.” AC

“Some days I just don’t feel like writing anything. This is one of those days.” LC

“Misty chilly.”

“Pine-filled nose.”

“Hand too late to save falling pencil.”

Like those? Cute, huh? A collection of quotes – to be continued at a later date! I’ll keep s running tab maybe I’ll use one for my senior quote. By the way we have to fill one of those out soon. We are also beginning nominations for the Homecoming Court. I would really like to be part of it. I guess I’ll nominate JL – she’ll nominate me – at least we’ll each have one vote – that’ll be pretty embarrassing though. Oh well. I don’t know about the guy – KH, MV, AD, EO – I don’t really know – as for predictions for King and Queen I really don’t know. Oh well – I’m not losing sleep over it – I guess – B & D are still pissed because they don’t believe any of us. But that’s life, too. LC just wrote a Whitman structured poem on “What is lint?”

-          A constantly expanding universe that forms, day by day, on my dark blue sweater

-          Cotton balls that the invisible imps who live in the bottom of my purse, use to take off their make up

-          A macroscopic parasite that feeds off any sort of fabric

-          A negatively charged magnet enticed to my chewing gum of the positive charge/nature.

October 22

Tomorrow is DG’s 5th birthday. Today is Monday – a blah day. I did not make the Homecoming Court – JL, TF, AM, LC, SM did. Oh well. All for the better – I’m not going anyway! SP, JL, ER and I went to ER’s house to watch a movie. It was ok. Nothing happened though so, I’m giving up! If he has any interest – he knows now so. We lost Friday – I don’t even think we showed up . SP got hurt – his ankle – he’s not practicing today – hooray! I don’t even know why I just wrote that. I would really like to go to HC. I guess MD is my last resort. I am going to say something like MD – I need a big favor…but I won’t even do this unless he shows up to the game. I really hope he does. I am going to try to look really nice – I know that is impossible! I have asked the Lord for help on this one. I also asked him if I could be on HC court so I guess it doesn’t mean much. I just can’t believe JL is on it and I wasn’t. That’s the story of my life though. Oh well. I need some definite undepression pills. I’m so DEPRESSED it makes me ill. But I guess I’ll live. What is wrong with me? Am I going to be like this forever? I certainly hope not!

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